Cosplay Cafe 23: Ballistic Moon Cosplay

It’s Friday!!! Which means another Cosplay Cafe, today Ballistic Moon Cosplay came through. She was someone I met at BlerDCon a few weeks back and had to sit down and chat with her. So without further ado, meet Ballistic Moon Cosplay.

Photography by Great Eye Photography


1. What were you like growing up? What were some of the things you were into as a child/teenager?

Growing up I lived as a closet dweeb, I didn’t really talk about anime or Manga much, but I sure as hell played my Pokémon Red (and yes I put it out there, RED WAS THE BEST). When I was a teen, I would be all rebellious by staying up late and sneaking in the basement to watch Inuyasha. That show was so long, but it was Inuyasha’s love for Kagome that kept me going! I was fairly feisty, yet goofy as ever, a strange combination that people befriended. I always tried to fit in through grade school, I just felt like I didn’t fit into any cliques. I joined a pageant, didn’t win, but I learned I could get along with girly girls. I let my guard down and got to show that anime love in me.

2. Did those things influence who you’re today?

Those experiences throughout my teenage years, definitely molded me as person, cosplayer, mother, wife, and friend overall. I would say I love my life, that good and bad experiences are what makes me unique. I gained a lot of perspectives watching various genres of anime, along side just being around people who shared common personal outcast feelings.


3. Blerdcon! How was it for you this year? I found myself having a great time at the convention and hope to see it grow come next year.

BlerDCon, oh man, I posted a status a day before and I stand by what I say. “BLERDCON WAS LIT” I said it and I meant it, this convention was by far one of the greatest conventions I have ever attended. I will be blunt, this was a con that highlighted the people of color, LGBT community, the heavy set, disabled, and the overall unseen! I LOVED IT. I may ramble about this; but BlerDCon was the best because it great to see these cosplayers, artists, creators, and gamers, finally be seen. It was an atmosphere of “wow, I feel like people appreciate each other differences.” This convention made me personally feel more welcomed than ever. The atmosphere was cosmic, everyone was so friendly, it was nice that people weren’t taking serious photoshoots in every corner possible. It was nice to be able to speak with Elite Cosplayers, who I finally got to speak with. I expect in 3 years BlerDCon will be as big as Dragon Con, I only hope it will.

4. Do you have a favorite cosplay you’ve made?

Favorite cosplay… hmmm. As of right now my very first cosplay, genderbend Vegeta. Reason being is that it was the one that became a meme. Lol I honestly keep that cosplay because it was my very first cosplay and I was floored by the amount of people loving it. I mean, it is damaged now, but I received so much positive love from it, I even got featured on Afropunk. I mean it was crazy. I look back at my material choices and I’m just in awe of how far I’ve come, especially.


5. What is one lesson cosplaying has taught you?

In cosplaying, I learned that cap breaks. I once worked on a pair of articulating laying wings for like 3 months, after making 3 or 4 prototypes. I broke then right before I got into the con. I decided opening them in the wind was going to look awesome, turns out bad idea… I didn’t test them outdoors in that type of condition. I tested them for all things indoors: if I was able to sit, stand, bend down, dance in them, and go to the bathroom, but I broke them because I rushed to open them in the wind. I remember my husband thinking I was going to go to the car, and just want to go home and cry; but to his surprise I shook it off, I just smiled at him and said “well sh*t happens, I gotta just wait to get inside next time.”


6. Off topic question, favorite food?

Oh favorite food…. I love a good old classic T-Bone Steak & Eggs, or Filipino pork sinigaang. Or! Like legit Chicago deep dish pizza. Or! Down in U street in DC there’s JUMBO SLICE and PICA TACO’S (that’s the restaurant, but dammit I ate there a hell of a lot.)


7. Are there any cosplayers or photographers you want to collab with in the future?

I, unfortunately, don’t know of any cosplay photographers, wish I did though. As for cosplayers, I would love to go with Maki Roll, Exot1cDynasty, Panterona, and the awesome group called Kamen Ramen Studios. Wish I would’ve known about Kamen Ramen before because I want to do some stunt work dammit.

8. Patreon! What can people find on your Patreon that they can’t find anywhere else?

My Patreon is filled with just random photos, sexy, prop work, time lapse videos, and sexy snap chats. Once I move to Japan, I’ll have way more time. I plan on vlogging once in awhile.

9. Second off topic question, what got you into martial arts? They’re some videos of you going ham on a heavy bag.

Haha, I thought those were lost forever. I did martial arts when I was 19, I worked at an MMA, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu gym. I love all of it, I would train not only for working out purposes, but it became the most peaceful space for me and taught me so much.

10. Do you have any cosplays you’re currently working on?

Right now I’m not working on anything until I get to Japan, but once I’m out there I’ll be making a gender bend version of Pervy Sage aka Master Jiraiya from Naruto and work on another gender bend of Inuyasha! I can’t wait, I’ll be live streaming a lot once our family gets settled in.

Photography by Great Eye Photography

11. What conventions can people find you at later this year?

Right now I’m preparing for NOVA Con, but since we fly out to Japan soon I only know in going to Okinawa Comic Con for sure! I do know my goal is to go to at least 1 con per month since I’ll be in Japan.

12. Final question, anything you want to say to your fans?

Fans? I don’t think I even have fans, haha, but to those, I met in the states and people I’ve talked to our took pictures with, thank you! Not many get to hear this but I never felt more at home until I go to a convention. I am sad I leaving the states knowing I just started to actually meet people, but I hope you all remember me once I return 3 years from now. ❤ Wish your girl luck out in Japan, be sure to support me in any ways Like, share, follow, subscribe, or donate. Honestly I would like to get to a point where I can do a charity stream, and do voice acting, it’s all just a huge goal I’m trying to get to.

Social Media Links

You can follow Ballistic Moon by clicking the links above. Be sure to support her as she’s about to head to Japan. I can’t wait to see what she brings to the table in the upcoming months.

That said, coming into the cafe next week is….

Cinnabunny makes her return to the cafe. So until then, I’m XBen3000 and I’m out!

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