Cosplay Cafe 33: Jazzmin Jolly

What’s going on heroes? Happy Friday, we have a new cosplay cafe for you guys. Working with Jazzmin Jolly, newcomer the cafe so make her feel welcomed everyone. As always links as to where you can find her will be below. So without further ado, get to know Jazzmin.

Photography by SalkCity Photography

1. What were you like growing up? What were some of the things you were into as a child/teenager?

Growing up? I was shy, nerdy and quiet around people that I didn’t know. I hated makeup and dressing up.

2. Did those things influence who you’re today?

Hmmm… Possibly? I’m still shy, nerdy and quiet around people that I don’t know, but I can semi pull off small talk now! I still don’t like to wear makeup and dress up in everyday life, but that makes it so much more fun on the days when I need to!

Photography by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography

3. What went into making your Menat cosplay? It seems like one of those costumes you have ensure stays in place.

Yeah, I TOTALLY thought Menat would be easier since she’s wearing so little but WHOA was I wrong! Most of her outfit is scraps so I tie a bunch of those together and safety pin and fashion tape what I can to get through the day and just try not to move TOOOOO much! Lol!


4. Do you have a favorite convention you like to attend?

Colossalcon. Hands down. LOVE that con!

Photography by Vagabond Photography

5. What is one thing cosplay has taught you about yourself?

Cosplay and modeling have both taught me self confidence, and to how to value myself more. They have taught me that I can mentally evolve into another entire being, and release my creative energies into the world in different ways.

Too deep? Sorry…

6. Off topic question, favorite food?

Cake and Chicken! ….Not together, but separately!!!

Photography: Vannak Photography
Bodysuit: Costume SuperCenter

7. Patreon! What can people expect to find from you on that platform?

Well, I usually don’t like sharing what cosplays I’m working on before I wear them, but on Patreon you can watch my progress AND find out what I’m working on, see pics before I release them, see videos of my pole and trapeze classes, and get signed prints sent to you every month in the higher tiers!

8. What is one thing you feel the cosplay community needs to improve on?

Probably witch hunts. Like, I’m very particular about things, especially rumors that fly around and “he said/ she said.” I like to get the story from the source, see evidence if at all possible, and sometimes even hear both sides before I make my own judgment on what happened. I always say that there can be three sides to any story. One person’s side, the other person’s side, and the truth. And of course, this is not in all cases, but in cases like, “Well, my friend’s cousin’s ex-husband’s dog’s aunt’s son said that he met this cosplayer one time and that she was mean to him and therefore she’s awful.”

Okay, but did you meet them yourself? How long ago was that? What exactly happened? Did they hit on her and she politely declined and now he’s mad and is trying to mess up her reputation or did she say “I dislike you in particular for no reason”?

Sometimes things like that happen, give people a chance yourself unless you have clear evidence that they messed up somewhere.

Photography by Maze Studio

9. Second off topic question, what is one thing you’re looking forward to?


10. What cosplays are you currently working on?

Well, you can check my Patreon and find out! 😉

Photography: Pinero Photography
Latex: Vengeance Design’s

11. What conventions can people find you at later this year or next year?

I’m striving for Holiday Matsuri this year and that should be my last con of this year if I make it! After that should be MAGFest and Katsucon!


12. Final question, anything you want to say to your fans?

Hi! Thank you all SOOOOOO much for your support! You truly have no idea how much it means to me!!!


Photography: Lionel Lum
Design/Concept: Little Paper Forest

Social Media Links

Links above are where you can follow Jazzmin Jolly. I’m looking to meeting her at MAGFest which is only two months away. If you want to know who’s coming to the cafe next week, check my Instagram at XBen3000 or heroclub4life.

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