Crisis on Infinite Earths Cast The Spectre

We have some casting news for the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths cast. Joining the already huge roster of characters we have Detective Jim Corrigan coming into play. However, fans know Jim Corrigan better as The Spectre in the DC Universe. The actor playing him is Stephen Lobo, from Supernatural and recently Continuum. I have to say that this along with the other piece of news, which l will get to down below, that I am hoping we do not get anymore casting news in regards to this massive TV event.


That said, fans will know that Spectre plays a huge role in the original Crisis event. Now, I will not spoil that role, but it is nice to see all the cornerstones of this event coming together. In addition, I am hoping that this will be better than the actual comic event, as that brought a lot of anger out for some fans to say the least. With that being said, we also have our first look at the Anti-Monitor who is being played by LaMonica Garrett; it makes sense to have him doubling the roles, as he is already playing the Monitor. I have to say I love the look of the Anti-Monitor, which fans can see below.

Overall, I am ready for December 8th 2019, as that is when the Crisis is set to begin on Supergirl. It will then continue through to the rest of the Arrowverse shows. I especially cannot wait to see the ramifications of a universe that is been though the Crisis. Anyways, I’m Benodins0n and I’m out of here.


Source: Collider

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