[Sneak Peak] David Kaye on the Fatal Fury OVAs & Film

The following clip is a preview for our staff member, Zeltrax Millennium’s next interview, which releases on his birthday. So, in this upcoming interview, Zeltrax will be talking with the iconic voice actor, David Kaye. Many people should recognize him for his extensive work with Transformers having voiced Megatron in Beast Wars and the Unicron Trilogy. However, David Kaye also performed as the Autobot leader, Optimus Prime in Transformers Animated. Also, another notable role of David Kaye’s that fan should recognize is time as Inuyasha’s brother Sesshomaru.


Whereas, the preview clip we are featuring is regarding one of David Kaye’s earliest roles, which was in the Fatal Fury films. Surprisingly, this question catches David off guard, and he has to do some thinking to recall the role. However, we should have expected it, since the anime adaptation is cult classic from the 90’s. Furthermore, for those unaware, Discotek Media re-released Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture on Blu-ray in August 2017. Whereas, Discotek Media intends to release the OVAs in a combo pack on Blu-Ray this September. Anyway, enjoy this sneak peak and exclusive clip on Zeltrax’s upcoming interview with David Kaye:

Now, for those looking forward to the full interview, as mentioned earlier, ZeltraxMillennium is releasing it on his birthday. However, for those unaware, the date of his birthday is this coming Wednesday, August 4th. Also, as he explained to us, the interview will be released in two parts throughout the day on his YouTube Channel. Whereas, we will compile the parts into a single post to be featured here on Friday, August 6th. So, we hope people look forward to ZeltraxMillennium’s upcoming interview with David Kaye, whether it be on his channel or here at the site. Nevertheless, check in with Hero-Club frequently for new updates, or follow us across social media using HeroClub4Life!

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