DC Universe “Swamp Thing” Extended Trailer Streamed

The official DC Youtube channel has updated with a new extended trailer for DC Universe exclusive the Swamp Thing series. The trailer features a deeper look at the setting of the series and it is clear that James Wan was a pretty great choice as the main producer on this project. As reported earlier, the first season of the series will consist of 10 episodes instead of the originally planned 13 episodes.  The first episode of the series is still currently set for a May 31 premiere date.

Personally I am not too much of fan of the “horror” genre although I do appreciate the cinematography in many productions within the genre. That being Swamp Thing does look quite interesting. Seeing as several of the already running productions such as Titans and Doom Patrol have many “horror” like elements they have done their best to get out of my comfort zone without feeling overbearing. Because of this I am actually quite excited for this show.

Source: DC

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