DC Universe “Swamp Thing” Production Halted

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that the production of the upcoming DC Universe exclusive “Swamp Thing” series has been halted. Originally 13 episodes were being produced for the first season of the series, however it has been revealed that the first season will be cut short to 10 episodes. The final episode of the first season is currently being altered to match the new episode count. The first episode of the series is still currently set for a May 31 premiere date.

In addition WB released a new trailer for the series, which features a first look of Swamp Thing.

No other details are confirmed at this time so stay tuned for updates.

Seeing how the production of the series was going it is a shame to see that the first season was cut short. Looking at the trailer it seems that they got Swamp Thing down so hopefully the series will have a good quality overall. Doom Patrol turned out to be fantastic so far so I also hope that Swamp Thing will match up to those standards or better.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, DC

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