DC Universe’s Swamp Thing Cancelled

We have some bad news heroes, Swamp Thing has been cancelled. Yeah, this is a huge shocked given that we’ve only watched the first episode which has been well received by the fans so far. To quote a bit from Deadline in an attempt to make sense of the Swamp Thing situation.

“There already had been chatter that new leadership of WarnerMedia was not particularly high on Swamp Thing whose order was reduced from 13 to 10 episodes in April.

So I’m guessing this might have been the cause of it being cancelled. The leadership not being invested in seeing Swamp Thing find it’s audience. I feel as though the series has staying power to run a couple of seasons before being cancelled. I know Swamp Thing was one of the shows that sold me on buying the DC Universe app to begin with. So this is a crushing blow, especially for those who only wanted to watch Swamp Thing. Overall, I’m hoping the fans can rally with their views on the series and we can show Warner Media that we want another season.


Source: Deadline

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