Runaways Cast Elizabeth Hurley as Morgan le Fay

That’s right heroes, Morgan Le Fay, one of the most powerful sorceresses in the Marvel Comics universe is coming to the small screen. Elizabeth Hurley has been cast to play this character in the upcoming season of Runaways. This was the last character I expected to see showing up in this show. Like I thought to myself “Who would show up in Runaways?” and my list was Tyrone, Tandy, and maybe the Power Pack. Morgan Le Fay was not on my mind at all.



Overall, it seems like Runaways is going to be good this season. Given how last season ended, I don’t know the outcome now that this character will be appearing in the show. This could go very well or very bad depending on who she sides with. Anyway, I’m Ben and I’m out!

Source: Marvel

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