Digimon Adventure Tri Part 3 : Confession PV2 Streamed

WiththeWill has recently uploaded a new trailer for Digimon Adventure Tri Part 3 : Confession on their Dailymotion page.

They also provided a translation for the trailer and release details for the home release of the film.

TAICHI: “If we wait…”
TAICHI: “If we wait to do something ‘someday,’ we’ll end up grown adults before we even know it.”

DIGIMON ADVENTURE TRI, Chapter 3, “Confession”

PATAMON: “Hey, Takeru. I’m infected, right?”
SORA: “We and our Digimon partners are special. We’re always connected to each other. That’s what I believe.”
NISHIJIMA: “Why did you keep it a secret even from me?! Am I that unreliable to you?”
HIMEKAWA: “It’s better off for some things to be kept secret.”
KOUSHIRO: “The infection could be spreading while we’re wasting time like this! This is no time to be caught up in trivial things!”
MIMI: “Trivial?! WHAT?!”
YAMATO: “Are we all going to change? Is it all just going to end up being nothing but a fond memory?”
TAKERU: “I don’t care about whose fault it is, or who’s to blame. I care about what we should do from here. And what we should do is…”
MEI: “Mei-chan! I’m right here! Here! Can you hear me?”
HIMEKAWA: “It’s probably the Reboot.”
SORA: “Reboot?”
ATLURKABUTERIMON: “I won’t let you through! I will never let you through!”
JOU: “Friends up against each other… How is this possible?”
TENTOMON: “Koushiro-han… Goodbye!”
KOUSHIRO: “Tentomon!”

The DVD release will cost 7,000 Yen and the Blu-Ray will be priced at 8000 Yen.  The releases will include a liner notes booklet and first round prints will also include a slip-cover / digipak combo. Later releases will exclude the extra booklet.

Extra Features include:

  • Clean OP and ED
  • Commercial Collection for Part 2

The Amazon Exclusive version will include a B2 sized cloth poster (roughly 20 X 27).  Those who order via the Toei Store in Japan will also be entered into a lottery to win a special Digimon Adventure Tri Part 3 poster that features the 9 voice actors that play the Digidestined in Digimon Adventure Tri.   Digimon Adventure Tri Part 3 : Confession will premiere in Japan on September 24. 

Source : WiththeWill

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