Digimon Card Game English Version Announced

Yesterday, Bandai announced that the Digimon Card Game will be released in English starting in North America in January 2021. The current incarnation first debuted in Japan on April 24, 2020. The first English series will feature cards from the first three Japanese card volumes and will consist of 187 cards. A “Booster 1.5” release will include the rest of the cards featured in the first three Japanese booster series, which will be released on later date. Bandai has also announced that the card game will receive a special pre-sale launch starting this November at select stores. Currently it is unknown what stores will feature this event, however the official website has stated that more details will be shown at at later date.  At this moment in time Bandai has only confirmed the North American release of the card game, although hopefully they will also announce the release of the game in other countries.

Additionally, Bandai has also released a trailer for the North American release of the card game.


Source: Bandai, Official Website 

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