Digimon Universe : Appli Monsters – New Cast Members Confirmed

Recently new cast members have been confirmed for Digimon Universe : Appli Monsters.

The new cast members include:

Shiho Kikido  – Asuka Torajirou

Digimon Universe App Monsters Asuka Torajirou Shiho Kikido

Asuka Tojirou is a an 11 year old who is in the 5th grade. He is known to be someone who doesn’t obey any rules expect his own.   He is also a popular “Apptuber” user and usually goes by the name “Astra.” (combination of “ASU” and “TORA”)  His family is well known for their tea ceremony iemotos and is usually rather strict.  Because of this, Asuka strives for freedom.  His Appmon partner is named Musimon. 

Tamura Nao – Musimon 

Digimon Universe App Monsters Musimon Tamura Nao

Musimon is Torajirou’s Appmon who has the ability based on a musical application. It is known to be high-spirited, which reflects well to Torajirou.   Musimon’s catch phrase is “No Musimon! No Life!” (a pun to ” No Music, No Life : Japanese Tower Record’s music slogan).

The new cast members will join the previously revealed cast, which include:

  • Uchiyama Yumi – Shinkai Haru
  • Kikuchi Kokoro – Gatchmon
  • Umeka Shouji – Eri Kanan
  • Kumai Motoko – Dokomon

Digimon Universe : Appli Monsters will premiere this October. 


Source: Withthewill

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