First Live-Action Full Metal Alchemist Trailer Streamed

Recently the first trailer for the live-action film adaptation for Full Metal Alchemist has recently surfaced on the net.   The trailer features a short glimspe of the effects of the film and so far it looks pretty good in my opinion. The film will debut in Japan in Winter 2017.

ANN also provided a translation of the text featured in the preview.

Text: The time has come.
Text: Original work: Hiromu Arakawa
Text: Director: Fumihiko Sori (Ping Pong)
Text: Two brothers’ great journey.
Text: The legend…
Text: Finally begins.
Title Logo: Fullmetal Alchemist
Edward: I promise I’ll get our bodies back.
Text: 2017, winter.

The main story of Full Metal Alchemist  is about Edward Elric and his brother Alphonse who lose their mother to a terrible illness.  In order to bring her back they initiate the ultimate taboo to bring her back to life at the cost of Edward loosing several of his limbs and his brother Alphonse.  In a desperate attempt to save his brother he transmutates his soul to a body of armor.  Bearing the cost of his actions, he uses his powers to become the Full Metal Alchemist. Edward and Alphonse journey to find the Philosopher’s Stone in order to use to undo their mistakes.

The cast includes:

  • Fumiyo Kohinata – General Hakuro
  • Ryuta Sato – Maes Hughes
  • Misako Renbutsu – Riza Hawkeye
  • Natsuna – Maria Ross
  • Natsuki Harada – Gracia Hughes
  • Yo Oizumi – Shou Tucker
  • Jun Kunimura – Doctor Marco
  • Yasuko Matsuyuki – Lust
  • Kanata Hongou – Envy
  • Shinji Uchiyama – Gluttony
  • Kenjiro Ishimaru – Father Cornello

Source: ANN

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