Funimation Licenses Live-Action Black Butler Film

Funimation has announced that they have acquired the license to the live-action adaption of the Black Butler manga series.  The film will be released as a Blu-ray / DVD combo pack on May 2. The film will feature dual audio with both an English Dub and the original Japanese audio with English subtitles.  The English Dub film will feature several of the original voice actors/ actress’ who did voice work on the anime series.


The full Dub cast includes:

  • J. Michael Tatum – Sebastian Michaelis (Sebastian in anime Dub)
  • Brina Palencia – Kiyoharu Genpo (Ciel Phantomhive in anime
  • Dub)
  • Lydia Mackay – Hanae Watsuki (Madam Red in anime Dub)
  • Monica Rial – Rin (Mey-Rin in anime Dub)
  • Ian Sinclair – Narrator (Bardroy in anime Dub)
  • Christopher R. Sabat – Ak-hi
  • Anthony Bowling – Anthony
  • Newton Pittman – Aoki
  • Kent Williams – Kujo
  • Zach Bolton – Matsumiya
  • Cris George – Nekoma
  • Alex Organ – Charles Bennett Sato
  • Robert McCollum – Tokizawa

Source: ANN, Funimation

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