Review: Go Go Power Rangers #23

Comic Credits

  • Writer: Ryan Parrot & Sina Grace
  • Illustrator: Francesco Mortarino
  • Colors: Raul Angulo
  • Letters: Ed Dukeshire
  • Cover: Ivan Shavrin
  • Editor: Dafna Pleban


Issue 23 begins in the far off past, with the Power Rangers battling Lord Drakkon on the moon during the climax of the Shattered Grid. We get panels of the Beast Morphers during the battle. Whereas, in the original run of the come, the team only had a brief cameo due to the season not having premiered on Nickelodeon yet. Thankfully, here the characters are now able to be referred by their actual names. Now, as the scene continues, we get a beautiful shot of Jason morphing that Francesco Mortarino and Raul Angulo created wonderfully. It is easily one of the most creative morphing panels out there thus far. This leads into Jason and Lord Drakkon leaping towards each other once more. It is scenes like these, that make me proud seeing Power Rangers in comic form. Yet, while I enjoy the live-action shows and films, they are somethings that can only be done using pen and paper, and this issue is evidence for my argument to be heard.


Following the clash we proceed to the present time within Go Go’s run, where the team is combating the current threat, Warbunny. For those who may have skipped the last issue, Warbunny is Trini’s pet rabbit Mr. Loppsy turned into a monster by Lord Zedd. During the battle, Zack makes several enjoyable Bugs Bunny references, as the battle eventually ups the stakes to Megazord status. We finally get the official debut of the Thunderzords in the main comic continuity, and what’s even better is they are used in their individual modes. Now, that rarely happened in the television series, mostly due the sparring Gosei Sentai Dairanger footage as the Dairangers would immediately use either, Dairenoh (Thunder Megazord) or Kiba Daioh (Mega Tigerzord). So, overall it is a pleasant sight to see the Thunderzords being used as not just the Thunder Megazord.


We then transition back to the past, as Jason’s fight with Lord Drakkon continues. The battle features Jason’s visor being cracked open to where readers can see his face. Yet, even with his helmet damaged, Jason perseveres and continues on in his attempt to finally stop Drakkon. Also, in this sequence, towards the end of it readers are able to see some new dialogue, but we are left unsure as to who it is coming from. However, that mystery is to be revealed by the end of the issue, and this review. Now, this all leads to Jason waking up with the memories of the Shattered Grid timeline, and to the Blue Emissary apologizing for forcing it upon him. The Blue Emissary even informs Jason of the current events transpiring, so Jason immediately leaves to assist the others.


Trini eventually devises a plan to stop Warbunny, which ends up working perfectly. Following the aftermath of Warbunny, Trini comes to the conclusion that she can no longer work at the daycare. Trini realizes that Lord Zedd’s plan to target everything the Rangers care about could lead to the kids being used or hurt. Trini’s revelation even gives Zedd’s character that more relentless feeling that Rita could not achieve. We then move to a brief scene at the Command Center where the team questions Jason whereabouts during the battle. Jason is quick to come up with an excuse, as to not worry the others. Readers can even perceive that Jason’s not all mentally there at the moment, which Francesco illustrates wonderfully. Jason’s facial expressions show that he conflicted by this new burden, and he knows he cannot talk about it. Yet, it makes me wonder if Zack and Trini are currently aware of the Shattered Grid event? I question this because their actions lately either are a precursor for their recruitment to be Omega Rangers, or foreshadow that they may already know what Jason knows too.


Then we get a nice scene between Kim and Matt, where Kimberly finally has someone she can talk to about Power Ranger stuff, and Matt helps Kimberly by just listening to her. Now, I am glad they did not get into a relationship, as I enjoy their dynamic more as being friends. This however transitions to the final scene where Jason talks to the Blue Emissary again. It is here Jason comes to conclusion that he died during the events of the Shattered Grid, crushed inside the Q-Rex and he never faced Drakkon one-on-one. The Blue Emissary explains that he had to show Jason his past, present, and future all at once. To which Jason replies that he saw new threats on the horizon consisting of Dayne, Garrison Vox, and the Level Six threat on Planet Breel (See our MMPR Issue 42 Review). In addition, it is revealed Dayne narrated Jason’s ‘final battle’ with Lord Drakkon, almost as a what if the ‘Power Transfer’ does not occur. So, this shows that the Rangers will have their hands full in the coming future to say the least.


Overall, Necessary Evil continues to be an amazing story that uses both Power Ranger comics to its advantage. Go Go is giving readers a glimpse of the past and present, as well as how everything will come together. It has been a joy to read both series thus far, and I have no clue where both series are exactly going. Currently, we just know this story is leading to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers teaming with the Omega Rangers. However, what will they be coming together for, or who they will need to stop? Also, we have a ‘Jason’ who remembers everything, as in this continuity it could be that he puts a plan into motion for the ‘Power Transfer’ to occur, rather than the original tv plot being the trip to Switzerland was a high-honors award/ transfer program.  Furthermore, this new and improved Jason could be using his knowledge of the “future” to his advantage to speed up events, or fix problems to come. Nevertheless, keep up the amazing work Boom! Studios, Power Rangers is in its top form.

Final Grade: 5 out of 5 Power Coins

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