Review: Mini-Pla Kishiryu Gattai Series 03 Kishiryu Neptune & Dimevolcano

Today’s review is the third Mini-Pla release within the Kishiryu Gattai Series, which is based on Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger! Now, this set is base on the sixth member of the team, Ryusoul Gold and his partner, Kishiryu Mosarex. However, this release also provides another Dimevolcano, and new alternative parts Kishiryu-Oh. These additions are thankfully to help ensure that fans can make the both combination: SpinoThunder and Gigant Kishiryu-Oh. Yet, we should not overlook Mosarex’s warrior mode, Kishiryu Neptune! Also, I apologize for not calling Mosarex, a mosasaurus in the video; during the recording I kept thinking it was ‘mosasaur’ or ‘mosalodon’ in my head, knowing neither were entirely accurate. Nevertheless, let us see how well the next addition to Kishiryu Gattai series works in Mini-Pla release!

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