“Godzilla Singular Point” Anime Series Announced for Netflix

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that a new anime series based on the Godzilla franchise is in the works for Netflix. The series will be tiled, “Godzilla Singular Point,” and is set to release on the platform in 2021. The series will be produced by Studio Bones with the help of studio Orange. The series will be a standalone series and will not be a follow-up to the previous Godzilla Netflix anime films.

Atsushi Takahashi will be working as a director for the project and will feature a combination of 2D and CG animation. Kan Sawada, Toh Enjoe, and Kazue Kato will also be apart of the production team. Eiji Yamamori will be working on the Kaiju designs for the series.

The Hollywood Reporter also provided a character visual for the series.

No other details are confirmed at this time so stay tuned for updates.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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Godzilla: Singular Point Trailer & Production Details Released – Hero Club
3 years ago

[…] As reported previously, the series will be produced by BONES and Orange, with Atsushi Takahashi (Blue Exorcist series) serving as the director. Science-fiction novelist Toh Enjoe is the screenwriter for this anime, and this is being credited as his first television production. Then characters are being designed by Blue Exorcist creator, Kazue Katō and the kaiju are being designed by Ghibli animator, Eiji Yamamori. Whereas, Kan Sawada is composing the series’ score. […]