Gundam Infinity & Ultimate Luminous Action Figures Appear on Amazon

Thanks to Twitter user Preternia, new listings have been found on Amazon US for two new Mobile Suit Gundam action figure lines. These figures have yet to be announced, and not much is known about them outside these listings. Both lines are priced and scaled at a size that are more accessible to the casual collector than Tamashii Nations’ Gundam Universe line. Those figures as mentioned are currently available on shelves nationwide.


Gundam Ultimate Luminus 4″ Light Up Figures

The first line is known as “Gundam Ultimate Luminus.” It appears that these are an import of the Gachapon line of the same name in Japan. These are 4″ Action Figures that feature LED light up features. They seem to feature minimal articulation and some accessories. The line is listed at $9.99 USD per figure. All four figures are based on the original Mobile Suit Gundam series. Click the name for each figure to access the Amazon US page.

  • Please note, the listings use the spelling “Luminus” which seems to be a misspelling of the English word “Luminous.” Yet, for the lack of other sources, we will be using “Luminus”

Gundam Ultimate Luminus – These 4 inch figures feature light-up LED details! Collect them all!

    • Gundam Ultimate Luminus figure
    • 4 inch figure
    • Light-up LED details!
    • Gundam Ultimate Luminus – Gundam RX-78-2 with Rifle
    • Gundam Ultimate Luminus – Gundam RX-78-2 with Beam Saber
    • Gundam Ultimate Luminus – Zaku Green
    • Gundam Ultimate Luminus – Zaku Red
    • Ages 15+. Batteries included – LR41 x2
  • Gundam RX-78-2 with Beam Saber: Figure includes Beam Saber and Shield, Presumed Chest Vents and Eyes Light-Up per other Gundam RX-78-2, likely Beam Saber lights up as well.

  • Zaku GreenFigure looks to include two heads (standard and commander type), Heat Hawk and Machine Gun.
  • Zaku RedFigure isn’t displayed with any accessories but may include them upon release.

Gundam Infinity 4.5″ Figures

The second line is known as “Gundam Infinity.” These new figures seem to be produced by Bandai America exclusively as they do not have counterparts in Japan. This line features articulated and detailed 4.5″ action figures. The line is listed as “Build a Figure,” a term used for a figure line that includes extra parts to build another figure when one buys the entire wave. The name could also imply that the figures have to be built. However, that is unlikely as there are no noticeable seam lines on the figures from these images. The size of the figures is similar to the Mobile Suit in Action line from the 2000s that had wide availability in the US and Canada. The line is listed at $12.99 USD per figure. Click the name for each figure to access the Amazon US page.

The iconic world of Gundam comes to life in this exciting 4.5 inch build a figure. With exceptional detail- these figures are the perfect addition to any Gundam Collection.

  • GUNDAM Infinity Series (Build a Figure)
  • 4.5 inch figure
  • Each figure comes with interchangeable parts and accessories
  • RX-78-2 GUNDAM figure
  • Wing Gundam figure
  • Gundam Astray Red Frame figure
  • Gundam Barbatos figure
  • Gundam Artemis figure
  • Ages 6+
  • RX-78-2 GUNDAMFrom the original Mobile Suit Gundam, the RX-78-2 is seen with a beam saber and shield.
  • Wing GundamFrom Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, the Wing Gundam is seen with a beam rifle and shield.
  • Gundam Astray Red FrameFrom Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Astray, the Astray Red Frame is seen with the Gerbera Straight and sheath.
  • Gundam BarbatosFrom Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans, the Barbatos is seen with its Mace.
  • Gundam ArtemisFrom Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare (Gundam Breaker Mobile), the Artemis is seen with its Satellite Cannon. This is the first ever figure of the Gundam Artemis.

All these figures are also available for pre-order from BigBadToyStore. However, not all figures have been listed on the site yet. Currently, all figures are listed with a September 15, 2021 release date, so stay tuned for future updates.

Source: Preternia Luminus, Preternia Infinity, Amazon

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