Hasbro Fan First Friday – Power Rangers Dino Fury & More

Hasbropulse recently held a Fan First Friday, which featured a look at some new upcoming Lightning Collection figures and more. Keep in the mind preorders for the revealed Lightning Collection figures will open at 1 PM at the various online retailers.

First, Hasbro took a look at Super7’s offerings for the Power Rangers brand.

The revealed products include:

  • Super Cyborg Megazord (Clear Version)
  • Reaction Green Ranger
  • Reaction Red Ranger

Second , Hasbro took a look at Wave 9 of the Power Rangers Lightning Collection.

The ninth wave will include:

  • SPD Green
  • Lost Galaxy Blue
  • In Space Black
  • Tenga Warrior

Next, Hasbro took a look at the Power Rangers Deluxe Dino Fury Zords. The first five Zords will be released in three assortments. The T-Rex Champion Zord (Red) will be sold on its own. The Tiger Claw Zord (Green) will be included with the Ankylo Hammer Zord (Pink) and the Stego Spike Zord (Black) will be included with Tricera Blade Zord (Blue). Each Zord will include a key, which will be different from the standard keys that are released with the figures. These versions of the keys will feature an articulated joint that will be used for the Megazord and it seems the back of the keys are now molded.

Lastly, Hasbro revealed a first look at the Power Rangers Dino Fury theme song. Power Rangers Dino Fury will premiere on February 20 at 8 AM.

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