Hasbropulse Fan First Friday – Transformers & Gi-Joe

Earlier today, Hasbro Pulse recently held two Fan First Friday events, which revealed new products that will be released for the Transformers and Gi-Joe brands. Those who are interested can pre-order their figures on Hasbro Pulse or via the listed websites.

First, Hasbro took a look at some new Transformers reveals.

The reveals include:

Generations Selects

Leader Class Alternate Universe Optimus Prime (Amazon)


G1 Reissue Blaster (Walmart)



Transformers R.E.D Series

Next, Hasbro took a look at several of the new figures that will be released in the Gi-Joe Classified line. Before the reveals however, Hasbro went to clarify the issue with NTWRK pre-order for Cobra Commander. Hasbro explained that the figure they will be releasing is an early release of the standard Cobra Commander and the variant seen will be released as a Hasbro Pulse exclusive as a Cobra Commander Regal Variant. 

The full list of Gi-Joe Classified reveals include:

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