Heaven or Hell… Let's Rock!

Hello Hero Club, my name is Jeff Williams but most people know me by my internet name “16bitjeff”. Five years ago I co-founded a website with founder and best friend, Jeremias De Leon called The Geek Fighters. The idea behind the site was to be a unique site that covered all geek related media, from Games to Comics as well as film and at the start of the site’s inception Tech. However due to some shady behind the scenes changings near its Two Year anniversary the site was “reintroduced” as Reviewtopia with both myself and Jerry ousted as the heads.


It’s really crazy to think that it’s been Five years since the site was disbanded for a “better and safer direction” but during that time we’ve both been busy. After the site’s demise and leaving RVT, we joined The Broken Infinite a site ran by Francisco K. Rodriguez (and also the same site that FighterXaos is second of command of) as comic reviewers and of recent. Three years ago we started a Youtube channel called The Game Riffers, A Let’s Play group consisting of myself, Jerry and RRPG a Gaming reviewer and former podcaster.
Now, one may be asking is how we decided was the best time to revive our old site? One can thank Frankie for this because we (myself, Jerry Frankie and Hero Club’s Wheelz) were introduced to one another through a tokusatsu podcast known as Morphin’ Bracers. Fast forward to Summer 2016, Wheels asked if we would like the site to revive our old group as a partnership (think Kinda Funny joining Rooster Teeth) and we automatically said yes.


So expect to see a lot of content from us, starting this Thursday for our annual VGA twitch stream. Thanks again to Wheelz and the rest of Hero Club for welcoming us into the fold, having the opportunity of reviving our group and I hope fans are excited for what we’ll contribute to the site moving forward.

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