Holiday Buyers Guide – Day II: Home Video & Video Game Releases

Welcome back for our second day of the Holiday Buyers’ Guide! Today’s listing will feature home video releases, and video games. Our listing features some of the summer’s hit blockbusters, favorite on-going television series, and distributions of international films/ series as well as what we thought were great games released this year. Also, what better way to talk about these titles than on a Tuesday, since that is the day when these titles are normally released!

Home Video Releases


Captain America: Civil War MSRP: $19.99
One of the best Summer Blockbusters of 2016! Captain America: Civil War is a must own for any comic-book movie lover, and for specifically Marvel fans. Watch as the Avengers turn on one another all due to politics and vengeful plotting, Black Panther make his live-action debut, and Spider-Man return to company!


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition MSRP: $19.99
The second installment in DC’s Cinematic Universe following Man of Steel, which helps establish the remaining members of the DC trinity, Batman and Wonder Woman as well as introduce Superman’s most famous villain, Lex Luthor. The film is heavily influenced by Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns,” and a specific Superman title that we rather not spoiler for those to still have yet to see the film. During its theatrical run in March the movie had a divisive release. Whereas once it arrived to home video things were smoothed out, so we highly recommend this as a purchase!


Godzilla 1984 MSRP: $14.99
For the first ever in North America is the official release of the Return of Godzilla a.k.a. Godzilla 1984, which was the source film for Godzilla 1985 which featured the return Raymond Burr as Steve Martin. However unlike the Gojira release, this home video release does not include a double feature of the original film or its adaptation as Kraken Releasing was unable to obtain the rights to both versions of the film. Luckily enough this release covers the 84 film, and its modern dub from most likely Omni Productions with addition trailers of other Godzilla releases from Kraken. One can easily make this a stocking stuff, due to its incredible and affordable price for a blu-ray release!


The Flash Season 2 MSRP: Blu-Ray $54.99/ DVD $49.99
After defeating the Reverse Flash, Barry thinks his life can return to normal however due to the final battle it opened up a door to another Earth, Earth-2 allowing Meta-Humans from that world to crossover! Thus bringing forth his newest enemy, the speedster called Zoom… This incredible season box set features all 23 episodes, bonus content such as behind-the-scenes vfx on episodes, two featurettes, 2015 Comic Panel, and Gag Reel.

Gundam Build Fighters & Build Fighters TRY the Complete Series MSRP: $44.99

In a world where plastic models come to life via particle energy, a group of kids fight to become the Gunpla battle champions! Gundam Build Fighters and Gundam Build Fighters Try are now available in North America on Blu-Ray and DVD. Both sets feature dual audio as well as a good amount of bonus features carried over from the Japanese Blu-Ray release. Stunning picture and audio quality and great value for the price, Gundam Build Fighters should not be seen any other way.


Constantine the Complete Series MSRP: Blu-Ray $39.99/ DVD $29.99
Cancelled before its time and loved by its fans, Constantine followed self proclaimed “Master of the Dark Arts”, John Constantine as he deals with demons and other mystical enemies in order to protect the world from the rising darkness. All 13 episodes are contained on this Warner Archive release with nearly perfect picture quality and a handful of extra features as well. A must have for fans of the series.


Transformers the Movie 30th Anniversary MSRP: $29.99 or $34.99 (Steel Book)
30 years ago, the Transformers were on the big screen for the first time. Now, Shout Factory has given it a blu-ray release with a brand-new 4K transfer of the original film print! Packed with bonus features new, old, and looking better than it ever has, the Transformers the Movie 30th Anniversary edition is a must have this holiday season.


Chouriki Sentai Ohranger MSRP: $59.99
Shout Factory’s fourth release of a Super Sentai series, the 19th installment of the franchise and source material for Power Rangers Zeo! Chouriki Sentai Ohranger features a government ran organization defending the world from the extraterrestrial threat of the mechanized civilization, Baronia. During its initial airing in Japan, Ohranger almost caused the end of Super Sentai, or could have put the series on hiatus due terrible ratings which could be attributed to its darker tones, and the Tokyo Subway Saran attacks. However after being years since the terrible incident this dark, campy, and amazing series can now be loved by fans internationally!

Shorewood Blu-ray Ocard

Rurouni Kenshin Part 1: Origins MSRP: Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack $34.99
This is the live-action adaptation trilogy of the popular manga/anime series, Rurouni Kenshin that stars Takeru Satoh of Kamen Rider Den-O. It is the first of a trilogy that covers the first arc of the series to which it concludes with Kenshin’s battle with Shishio. However for our introduction this film concludes during the Oniwaban arc. It is one of the best live-action adaptations to date as it sticks close to the source material.


Star Wars Rebels Season 2 MSRP: Blu-Ray $45.99/ DVD $39.99
The Rebels are back in full force as they fight against the Empire in 22 action-packed episodes! Ashoka Tano returns to join their cause, as the team of the Ghost link up with the main rebel force. Captain Rex also joins is recruited to their cause, however they soon find out that the evil has grown stronger as new Inquisitors have appeared. Ezra continues his Jedi training, although is it enough to fight off the new Inquisitors the appearance of the dark lord himself, Darth Vader is too much for he, Kanan or Ashoka to handle!

Video Games

Pokemon Sun and Moon cover

Pokémon Sun & Moon MSRP: $39.99
The seventh generation is finally here in the long lasting Pokémon series! The newest games, Sun and Moon, take the player/trainer to Pokémon Company’s version of Hawaii called Alola, where new Pokémon and new forms await to be seen/ caught. Battle against NPCs, and friends to become a Pokémon Master, and for the first time ever establish a Pokémon League!


Final Fantasy XV MSRP: $59.99
Originally intended to be Final Fantasy vs. XIII, this new installment gives the player an open world to explore and battle system similar to Kingdom Hearts. Become the heir of the Lucian throne, Noctis Lucis Caelum, or any of his comrades as they set forth to reclaim their homeland and its magic crystal from Niflheim. Ironically enough the game is one of the last things to release in our guide, and actually hits stores today!


WWE 2k17 MSRP: $59.99
This year’s edition of the WWE game features the largest roster to date! The game focuses heavily on the return of Goldberg, the advancement the My Career mode, and on NXT. Newly added superstars are “the Phenomenal One” AJ Styles, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, Asuka, and several more! Create a wrestler become the best there ever was, become the champion, a Paul Heyman guy and eventually become a Hall of Famer. Also keep watch for DLCs to drop featuring Shinsuke Nakamura, Austin Aries, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.


Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 MSRP: $59.99
Following the success of the first game, Bandai Namco quickly followed up with a sequel! Xenoverse 2 takes place roughly a few years after the previous, where once again players must create a new hero for the Time Patrollers following in the footstep of the players’ previous hero. The game also features vast improvements to the world, the training, abilities, and character load outs along with the addition of other characters from the Dragon Ball franchise including their moves. The best highlight is the game’s season pass that will allow players to gain newly created characters featured in the on-going Dragon Ball Super series!


Doom (2016) MSRP: $59.99
Doom (2016) is the latest installment in the legendary first-person shooter series from ID software that birthed the FPS genre nearly two and a half decades ago. Available on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One the game was optimized for 1080p/60fps. This installment it looked as both a reboot, and a continuation to the original series that was concluded with Doom II: Hell on Earth (or Doom 64). The narrative is barely there, but objective is to have players F**K everything up in the most violent/ goriest way, by any means with the plethora of weapons one can find!


Titanfall 2 MSRP: $59.99
The sequel to the Xbox exclusive is now for multi-platform, and anyone can now join in on thefun! By now everyone should know Titanfall is not an ordinary shooter, as mechas are involved to add to the insanity. Making the series closest games that Gundam fans will ever have to a Gundam like shooter with on the ground warfare.


Overwatch MSRP: $59.99
Blizzard Entertainment’s latest entry into their video game arsenal, Overwatch is a first-person action shooter that mixes run and gun game play with M.O.B.A.-like strategy and teamwork. With 23 diverse characters, each with their own powers and abilities to choose from, Blizzard knocks it out of the park! If one enjoys first-person shooting games or even games like Monday Night Combat or Team Fortress, this game is definitely a must play.


Dark Souls III MSRP: $59.99
The game is an intriguing and challenging continuation of the Dark Souls franchise, with countless ways to play the game. With amazing boss fights, beautiful world design, and a threatening atmosphere, this masterpiece will easily pull the player into this imaginative world where obstacles lay everywhere! What is also to note about the game is that Dark Souls 3 makes a great attempt to respect the player’s intelligence and provides a feeling of accomplishment that not many games today can achieve.


Lego Dimensions SuperGirl Starter Pack MSRP $89.99
Lego Dimensions’ second year had another strong cast of new characters along with some newer ones being released later this holiday season. This brand new Starter Pack is great for those who want to get into the game for the first time. The Lego Dimensions PS4 starter pack includes everything you need to enter the world of Lego along with an exclusive SuperGirl figure. SuperGirl has become stronger than ever with the power of becoming a Red Lantern. This Lego Dimensions starter pack is compatible with all the Year One Lego Dimensions releases and it will also work with all the brand new Year Two releases.


Skylanders Imaginators MSRP: $99.99
Skylanders Imaginators is the latest release in the ever popular Toys to Life franchise. The latest game in the franchise introduces the powerful Senseis with their brand new Sky-Chi moves. Skylanders Imaginators also introduces players to a new way to play the game like never before. With the powers of the Imaginite Crystals, players can create their own Skylanders for the very first time. By collecting chests within the game players can unlock many different ways to change the look of their characters. Those who get the Crash Edition of the game (exclusive to PS3/PS4) will be able to play as Crash Bandicoot and Dr. Neo Cortex. Skylanders Imaginators is compatible with every previous figure so expect hours of never ending fun.

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