Hero Club’s Third Anniversary: 3 Years That Feel More Like 10!

Today, marks the third anniversary of the site’s official launch back in June 2016. Since then, Hero Club continues to provide amazing coverage on news regarding the various superheroes seen in media. Now, while our first two years came off as incredible, our third year became more of the usual norm. The staff has remained nearly the same early 2018, and our ability to produce content remains consistent. Yet, our audience and fans of the site continues to grow like it should.


However, we would be lying if we did not say we hit some minor snags. While we were able to attend and cover the recent Power Morphicon in 2018, we did not get to chance to go all out. We hit the bare necessities needed for the event, but eventually got overwhelmed when not all expected staff members could not attend. In addition, the convention center charged ridiculous prices for their terrible and buggy internet. Then as for our side projects, previously mentioned in our last press release, several of them have been delayed to later dates. The Mobile Suit Gundam related project is on hold indefinitely due to scheduling and creative differences.


Now, as for highlighted events featured on the site, the GeekFighters recently covered E3 2019 live on Twitch, with VisibleNinja officially becoming their fourth member. Whereas, Darkon633 quickly worked on supplying the trailers for the future video game releases that were revealed at E3 to the site. Other events/ conventions that Hero Club plans to cover is San Diego Comic Con coming next month, and New York Comic Con this Fall. In addition, we intend to cover more reveals and announcements from other big name conventions. One thing we look forward to is the upcoming Kamen Rider event occurring at Anime Expo in early July. Furthermore, since our site’s calendar years go by the anniversary, our readers can possibly expect New York Toy Fair to be the last major event within Hero Club’s third year.


Then as for our original content, Hero Club’s first original podcast, Los Ingobernables de Tokusatsu draws closer to its 100th episode; a milestone that several members of the site thought would not occur. The 100th episode of LIT will hopefully feature all the original podcast hosts together again, as the intended episode will feature a Tokusatsu Villain Draft similar to episode 75’s Hero Draft! In addition, VisibleNinja revamped his Ninja Talks Live series’ by merging the individual shows for “Gundam/ Mecha” and “tokusatsu” into one series, airing on Wednesdays. Other podcasts mentioned in the previous press release, like the Geek Fighters’ Ikaricast and our wrestling show WRW, got delayed. The reason is both series are being discussed on if they should be reformatted into live video-broadcasts featured on either YouTube, Twitch, or simulcast on both services. However, we did manage to test our second original series and pet-project, Mike & Mike in the Morning, an odd variety show staring the two “Mikes” on the site; the series is on hiatus due to scheduling conflicts. Whereas, original written material like Brian’s interview series, Cosplay Café and our Power Rangers editorial series, Ranger Theory will be returning in the near future.


This concludes our update and our looking back at the past year, as well as some of the things we have in store by June 2020. Hero Club would like to thank our readers who continue to support us on a daily basis. In addition, we would like to extend our personal thanks to our sponsors, business partners, and friendly associates like CS Toys International, Positive Charge, UkiyaSeed, Garage Hero, Scott Zillner/ PMC staff, and our newest ally, Mages Circle. Also, we want to say thanks and pay tribute yet again to our friend, Francisco Rodriguez “Seraph,” who we lost this past August. Nevertheless, we hope everyone involved with our growth will continue to support Hero Club, as we continue to provide news and original content in our years to come!

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