Historic Agreement Settled for Global Distribution of the Macross Franchise

Recently, it has been reported that Tatsunoko has been able to come to an agreement with Harmony Gold USA. Now, this agreement is for the global distribution of the Macross franchise which was adapted into Robotech. For decades, the two parties have battled over the rights for the anime series regarding its international distribution. Fan speculation for the legal issues has often centered on Harmony Gold USA fearing the original material would upstage their adaptation. In addition, fans believed Harmony Gold USA only wanted their version to exist in North America. Furthermore, other issues rose between the companies due to Tatsunoko’s partners that produced and sponsored the Macross franchise.


However, Big West and Studio Nue have currently formed an agreement with Harmony Gold USA to allow Macross‘ immediate distribution. Now, the agreement does specify most of the television sequels and films will be made available. Unfortunately, there is not a list that verifies what titles will be available, and which ones will be omitted. In addition, the agreement confirms that Big West will not oppose the upcoming live-action Robotech film. Furthermore, Big West will no longer contest Harmony Gold USA’s exclusive license with Tatsunoko over characters and mecha designs for merchandise use outside of Japan. Instead all parties involved will cooperate to distribute all future Macross and/ or Robotech projects.

As a fan of Macross for 20+ years and having been introduced to the series by my late father, I am absolutely delighted by this announcement. My father became enamored with the series via Macross: Do You Remember Love, during the 80s. Then he would go onto properly show me the series when it was made available on Crackle. I wish that this agreement could have been acquired sooner, but at least the fans finally have a legal option. However, the method of distribution is to be determined, but once we have that information Hero-Club will provide it. So, fans please stay tuned for all updates, and tell us your options on this agreement in the comments below!


Source: Macross Official Website, ANN

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