[Comic Review] Inferno Girl Red Book One #1

Inferno Girl Red cover by DoalyHello there Heroes, today is going to be exciting, as we are looking at Inferno Girl Red Book One #1. For those unaware, the book is heavily inspired by tokusatsu, featuring talents associated with the Power Rangers and Ultraman comics. So, for my friends that huge tokusatsu fans, I can only sing the praises of Inferno Girl Red. From reading this review or the book, anyone should be able to notice how clear as day its references are. Anyway, with the introduction out of the way let us jump into the review!


Comic Credits

  • Artist: Erica D’urso
  • Background Assistant: Lorenzo Tammetta
  • Colorist: Igor Monti
  • Color Assist: Sabrina Del Grosso
  • Design: For The People
  • Lettering: Becca Carey
  • Writer: Mat Groom & Erica D’urso
  • Cover Artists: Erica D’urso with Igor Monti (Cover A), Frencesco Manna with Igor Monti (B), Nicole Goux (C), Nicole Scott with Annette Kwok (D), Eleonora Carlini (E), Marcelo Costa & Erica D’urso (F)
  • Editors: Kyle Higgins (Editor), Michael Busuttil (Assistant Editor)


INFERNO IGNITE! The burning light of hope in the dark. Inferno Girl Red! – Cassia



The book begins with a solid introduction to this world, via a conversation between our protagonist Cássia and her mother. Currently, Cássia is the upcoming hero and modern-day Inferno Girl Red, helping to protect the world. Whereas, through flashbacks, Cássia’s mother Ana provides significant details on how things work and occur in their world. However, the biggest surprise for me was seeing the original Inferno Girl Red, and how someone possessed the title previously. Especially, since I find the use of the ‘title’ concept interesting, as it is an uncommon trope in tokusatsu. Like titles and power transfers are not rare, but usually they are for suspense, mystery, and issues with talent. Yet, I like how Ana seems to be the link between the past and the present Inferno Girl Red.


Original Inferno Girl Red
Original Inferno Girl Red appearance.

Continuing past that point though, readers will notice more set up for the series through opening pages’ action. Additionally, I love the use of Igor Monti’s colors, as it reminds me of moments from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. However, here the main story really picks up, as we learn Cássia and Ana are moving to Apex City. Whereas, the reason for the move is because Cássia was accepted into the most prestigious high school in the continent. Now, one thing I really enjoyed was seeing the relationship between Cássia and Ana. Especially, since I feel like it is rare that we get to see a healthy mother and daughter relationship. Nowadays, most media I see prefers to focus on the strong single male figure looking after a child. So, it is nice to see a different dynamic being put on display for readers like myself to enjoy.


Then moving along, Cássia eventually arrives to the school, Helix Campus, where we get to see her first day. Immediately, readers are introduced to Harriette, Doctor Janine Caro, and a student with the last name Park. Also, we meet the librarian, who I am unsure on if they will return as part of Cássia’s supporting cast. Whereas, towards the end of Cassia’s first day, readers get a glimpse at our antagonist doing some sort of summoning. Coincidentally, I really enjoyed the way that Erica D’urso framed the summoning, as well as Igor’s colors once again. However, as most people should be able to expect, this is where the business picks up to say the least.


Unknown Monster
Unknown Monster attacking

At this moment, readers get to witness Apex City get lifted into the air, as things start crumbling down. Also, Cássia receives her magical bracelet that readers know it allows her to transform into the titular, Inferno Girl Red. Although, I am curious to know why the bracelet chose Cássia, but it is certain my question will be answered later. However, the following scene features Cássia finding her mother Ana, so she can learn how to transform using the bracelet. Thankfully, Cássia transforms just in time to rescue Harriette from a monster who previously fought the original Inferno Girl Red. Whereas, readers are met with the most gorgeous two page spread of Cássia’s first transformation sequence into Inferno Girl Red. Personally, it is one of my favorite things to see a hero’s first transformation, and this scene is no exception.


For the first fight, we get to see Cássia test out her powers, and see what she can do presently. Also, this fight works out great, as Cássia does not beat the monster, but at least forces it to retreat. Soon afterwards the issue ends with Cássia wanting to get the bracelet off, and her reaction is so good. Specifically, Cássia’s reaction reminds me of other heroes from Power Rangers, or Kamen Rider who tried to avoid their destiny. For example, people should watch Chojin Sentai Jetman’s early episodes, as everyone except Red Hawk wanted to be a hero. However, like the other Jetmen, I expect Cassia to grow into her powers and accept the responsibility. So, I feel like Inferno Girl Red is showcasing how ‘tokusatsu heroes’ have a place in the western superhero market. Although, for non-longtime tokusatsu fans, please just keep an open mind to this style of superhero and check out tokusatsu. Whereas, for newcomers to tokusatsu, get a refresher by watching Power Rangers or see what is available on Tubi. Anyway, I think Inferno Girl Red has an interesting start, and I cannot wait to read more of it!


Final score: 5 out of 5 Stars



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