Kamen Rider Build First Quarter Toy Catalog

Yesterday, scans for the Kamen Rider Build first quarter toy catalog surfaced online. From these scans additional forms have been revealed, and the accompanying weapons for the forms. In addition, clear translations have been obtained for some of the more questionable names seen in earlier reports. Furthermore, aside from the reveals for DX role-play toys and the Full Bottle sets, there is information on another new villain and basic figurines.


Please keep in mind that scans do count as spoilers, so one should continue reading this article at his/her own discretion


The Build Driver & Full Bottle Sets

To transform Kamen Rider Build uses the Build Driver and the Full Bottles. The process is to insert two Full Bottles into the Driver, then turn the lever/crank to activate the transformation. Following that the Driver will read the Bottles, ask “Are You Ready?”, and then play the corresponding tune. By turning the lever a second time it will activate the Rider Kick, and will shout, “Ready Go!” The Build Driver will come with both the Rabbit and Tank Full Bottles, whereas the unseen Full Bottle Holder will be sold with the Cleaner Full Bottle.

Then from August to December additional Full Bottle sets will be sold for Build’s addition forms, and for the Legend Rider Series. The first sets confirmed are for the forms: Gorilla Mond, Hawk Gatling, and Ninnin Comic. In addition, the early DX Full Bottle series will also include sets for the newly revealed forms: Rocket Panda, Kaizoku Ressha, and Octopus Light. Now, as for the Legend Rider Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Full Bottle set it will be comprised by the Doctor and the Gamer Full Bottles. Whereas, the Legend Rider Kamen Rider W Full Bottle set consists of the Detective and USB Full Bottles.


Kamen Rider Build’s Arsenal & Figurines

Kamen Rider Build will have various weapons to utilize throughout the series, but he will start off with the Drill Crusher. The Drill Crusher is two piece, dual functioning weapon that can form either a sword, or a gun. When inserting a Full Bottle it will active the attack in which the Drill Crusher will shout, “Ready, go! Voltech Break!” For the DX Drill Crusher, it will be sold with the Hedgehog Full Bottle. However, once obtaining HawkGatling, Ninnin Comic, and Kaizoku Ressha, Kamen Rider Build gain additional weapons. HawkGatling will bestow to Kamen Rider Build the Hawk Gatlinger, a bulky gatling themed handgun. Whereas, Ninnin Comic will allow Build to use the Ninpogatana sword, and Kaizoku Ressha gives Build the Kaizoku Hasshaa bow-gun.

In addition to his weapons, Kamen Rider Build will store the other Full Bottles when they are no in use on the Pandra Panel. The DX Pandra Panel is shown to hold 10 Full Bottles, and comes with the Fire Engine Full Bottle. Now, Kamen Rider Build’s motorcycle is an interesting vehicle as it the Build Phone, which transforms and enlarges for him to ride. However, the DX Build Phone will be made to fit the BCR figures, and be sold with the Lion Full Bottle. Also, the BCR series also reveals that two of the figures with be HedgehogFire, and LionCleaner.


Kamen Rider Build’s Power-Ups & Kamen Rider Claws

One of Kamen Rider Build’s forms is obtained through the assistance of the secondary Rider, Kamen Rider ClawsDragon Full Bottle. This form of Kamen Rider Build is called KeyDragon Form, combining the Dragon Full Bottle with the Lock Full Bottle; the DX version of the Lock Full Bottle is already announced to be a campaign item. However, that is not the only other upgrade Kamen Rider Build will receive, as he will also get the RabbitTank Sparkling form. This form is obtained through the RabbitTank Sparkling can which is activated by pulling the tab, and loading it into the Driver. Now for Kamen Rider Close, he requires the Claws Dragon and the Dragon Full Bottle, as well as the Build Driver to transform. Kamen Rider Close’s signature weapon is the Beat Clawser; it seems to feature a chainsaw gimmick.


Villains: Nitrouge & Bloodstark

The first villain to be revealed for Kamen Rider Build was Nitrouge, who was originally called Knightrouge; the mistake occurred due to nitro, and knight/night sounding similar when pronounced. Never the less, the reference is meant to be a play on nitro. Now, Nitrouge transforms through the use of the Bat Full Bottle, and Transteam Gun. However, Nitrouge is not alone, or at least he has an alternate form being the character called Bloodstark. Bloodstark uses the Cobra Full Bottle, and the Steam Blade to transform. Both the Transteam Gun, and Steam Blade are shown to be able to combine into a rifle. When sold as toys the weapons will be paired with their accompanying Full Bottles, but will be sold separately from one another. Yet, the two will be sold within the same month coming this October.


This concludes the scans of the first toy catalog for Kamen Rider Build! Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on the design, and aesthetics of the series thus far. Furthermore, here is a reminder that Kamen Rider Build airs this Fall with its new start time at 9:00 AM JST on Sundays!


Source: HeroshockProtomanV89

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