Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Event Trailers Streamed

Earlier this morning, the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary event was held in Tokyo. During the event several new Kingdom Hearts projects were revealed. Whereas, the following video is the compiled presentation for all the new games currently in development.

First, the team revealed a look at the final update for Kingdom Hearts Dark Road. For those those who are unaware, Kingdom Hearts Dark Road is a mobile game that takes place in the Kingdom Hearts universe. The game was rebranded from its’ original name, Kingdom Hearts Union χ. The update was released for IOS, Android, and Amazon smartphones in 2020. The game focused on the story leading to when Xenahort first became a seeker of darkness.


Next, the team revealed a new mobile game titled, “Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link.” Unlike the previously mentioned Kingdom hearts Dark Road, the game will feature a more art-style versus the more chibi style the other game featured. Not much is known about this title, however the game will focus on a brand new story. A beta for the game will be available sometime this year.


Lastly, the team revealed that Kingdom Hearts IV is in development. The trailer features a look at Sora who is in a world called in the Quadratum. This world seems to look much more realistic than what has been seen in previous games so it will be quite interesting to see what direction this game will take especially after the events of Kingdom Hearts III. No other details about the game is available at this time of writing so stay tuned for updates.

Source: Kingdom Hearts

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