Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Second Quarter Toy Catalog *Spoilers

Recently the Second Quarter toy scans for Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger have surfaced online.

*Keep in mind this article contains spoilers so read at your own discretion.


The scans reveal a first look at Ryusoul Gold, the Sixth Senshi in the series along with his changer and weapon.

The first scan features a look at the DX MosaChanger, which is Ryusoul Gold’s changer. By using the MosaRex Ryu Soul and twisting the visor it will allow the user to transform into Ryusoul Gold. It also been revealed that he will use another Ryu Soul, known as SpinoThunder.

The next scan features a look at the DX MosaBlade, which is Ryusoul Gold’s main weapon. By inserted a Ryu Soul and pulling the lever it will activate a chainsaw gimmick. The DX MosaBlade will be able to combine with the DX MosaChanger to become the DX MosaBreaker.

The third scan takes a look the DX DimeVolcano, which is Ryusoul Gold’s mecha. As the name suggests the mecha is based on a Dimetrodon. It will be able to combine with Tyramigo and Kishiryu-Oh in order to form Kishiryu-Oh DimeVolcano.  The DX DimeVolcano will include the MeraMera Cho RyuSoul, which can be used in conjunction with the RyuSoul Ken to give RyuSoul Red new armor.

The last scan features a look at the two new power up armors. Along side RyuSoul Red’s new powerup, Ryusoul Gold will also have a power up armor by using the SpinoThunder Ryu Soul. Ryusoul Red’s power up will be known as the MeraMera Armor, while Ryusoul Gold’s powerup will be known as the BiriBiri Armor. 

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