Krypton Canceled After Two Seasons

We have some news on the Krypton forefront. The show has been cancelled by Syfy over the weekend. Also it should be noted that the Lobo spin-off that was rumored has been passed by Syfy as well. I watched most of the first season and really enjoyed their take on Krypton and the characters that they were using. I loved General Zod in this series, Colin Salmon performance was perfect. I wish we would get him in a Superman film but I know that will never happen. Cam Welsh, show-runner on the series posted a long note on Twitter yesterday giving his thoughts and feelings on the series as a whole. You can click the link down below, I highly recommend reading it. You can see how much this team loved being apart of this show and it’s always sad to see people who are passionate about what they create get cancelled. I do know Cam in a few tweets has stated that he hasn’t given up hope yet on Krypton getting another season. So I’m hoping they can go to DC Universe as that platform needs more content to keep fans there. I know Krypton is an expensive show to produce but I feel it’s worth it. If a series like The Expanse can be revived on Amazon, then Krypton can do the same thing on another network.


Source: Deadline

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