Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Release Date

We finally have the release date for the Final Fantasy VIII Remastered game which is coming out for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Steam! The game is set to drop September 3, 2019, so fans can relieve the game which features Squall Leonhart and his group of young mercenaries as they deal with a conflict started by Ultimecia.

Now, I will go on the record and say I have not played any Final Fantasy games; not even Final Fantasy VII which is considered a classic video game by many of my own friends. Honestly, it never appealed to me growing up. Whereas, now it is the type of game I want to play. So it goes to show that personal preference can change over time. Anyways, check out the trailer down below and we will catch you next time.

Source: Final Fantasy Official YouTube Channel


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