Late Review: Totally Awesome Hulk #15

It’s Thursday which can only mean one thing. Late review, and this week its not different with Totally Awesome Hulk #15.

Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Mahmud Asrar
Colorist:Nolan Woodard
Letter: VC’s Cory Petit
Cover by: Stonehouse
Assistant Editor: Chris Robinson
Editor: Mark Paniccia

Starting off, the cover by Stonehouse was what originally brought me in. Seeing four Asian-American superheroes was an amazing site to behold. I usually pick up Totally Awesome Hulk in trade, but I had to make the exception for this issue. For those deciding to pick this up as their first issue there’s nothing in the issue that would confuse someone reading this for the first time. So that’s a huge plus for writer Greg Pak.

Speaking of Greg Pak, he does a fantastic job writing every character in this issue. Everyone sounds the way they should be when it comes to interacting with one another which is great. Seeing Asian-American heroes coming together for a great cause will always bring a smile to my face. Even though I’m not an Asian-American myself, I appreciate seeing it embraced in a comic where they don’t have to do it; let alone point it out as to why its important to see that representation. Also the jokes towards the end of the issue where spot on.

Artist Mahmud Asrar does a fantastic job as always. His pencil work is in top form when it comes to drawing everyone and scenes that involve movement. Add Nolan Woodard’s color pallet and this issue is a grand slam. Woodard’s coloring is very vibrant and compliments Mahmud Asrar’s drawings in a way in which everything feels fluid.

VC’s Cory Petit lettering is always spot on. Nothing feels out of place. Once again a stellar job  Cory Petit. Back to the issue as a whole. I really enjoy the conversation about being a Asian-American and what it means for them to be successful as heroes. Hearing their struggles as well, I found myself being able to relate to them even more and for that I thank Greg Pak.

Final thoughts, go grab this issue and read it whenever one gets a chance. It is a fantastic issue and I could not be more proud to read this series as it continues.

5/5 Heroes



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