Los Ingobernables de Tokusatsu Ep 82 – The Father, the Son & the Ultimate Dai-Satan

Welcome to an all-new episode of Hero Club’s first original podcast, “Los Ingobernables de Tokusatsu!” Today’s episode is pretty packed, but runs smooth compared to our usual shows. We open up with a decent amount news consisting of kaiju and Ultraman stuff. We have a new Mothra blu-ray, and new King of the Monsters trailers to be specific. However, the best news is for the upcoming Ultra series, Ultraman Taiga, who is the son of Ultraman Taro! Then as for the main discussion we discuss/ review the Super Sentai Strongest Battle mini-series. Wheelz and Soundout are easily surprised at how Toei approaches this interesting tournament of returning heroes, as well as how it leads into Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger…

Next time on an all-new episode of Los Ingobernables de Tokusatsu, the gang looks at the first four episodes of “Kamen Rider Wizard” season 2!


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