“Masters of the Universe: Revelation” Part 1 Trailer Streamed

Netflix recently released a new trailer for the first part of “Masters of the Universe: Revelation.” The latest trailer features a deeper look at the story of the series. Some of the highlights include the masters confronting the forces of Skeletor and what seems to be a battle between He-Man fighting off against either his dark side or Faker. Additionally, the series looks to focus on the split Power Sword. For those who are not aware, the Power Sword was split into two sides as a part of storyline featured in the original minicomics. This was also featured in the various toylines, however this will be the first time it will be depicted in official animation. The first part of Masters of the Universe: Revelation will debut on Netflix on July 23.

After seeing the second trailer I can easily say I am quite hyped for this series. Leading up to the series I was already on board, but the various trailers and promotional material has increased my interest. The designs seem to take inspiration from the various forms of media so it will be quite the ride to see the characters in action.

Source: Netflix

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