Hasbro Pulse Fan First Friday – Power Rangers Lightning Collection & Power Rangers Dino Fury

Recently, Hasbro Pulse held a Fan First Friday, which focused on the Power Rangers Brand. Keep in mind pre-orders for most of these items are now available at the various online retailers.

The reveals include

Power Rangers Lightning Collection

Wave 10

  • Dino Charge Green
  • In Space Pink
  • Phantom Ranger
  • Zeo Yellow

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Monster

  • Eye Guy

Next, the team took a look at some of the upcoming Dino Fury products. None of these reveals will be up for pre-order today, however most of the revealed items will be released later this Summer – Early Fall.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Basic

  • Aiyon (Gold Ranger)
  • Void Knight

Dino Fury Megazords – Late Summer – Early Fall

  • Mosa Razor Zord
  • Ptera Freeze Zord

Dino Fury Team Pack – Amazon 

The Dino Fury Team Pack includes an exclusive Black and Green Ranger, the Chromafury Sabers, and a belt buckle.

Lastly, the team revealed a new teaser for an upcoming Power Rangers Lightning Collection figure. Looking at the teaser it seems that the Ninja Rangers will be making their way into the line. For those who are not familiar with the Ninja Rangers, they were the pre-morphed forms of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers during the third season of the series. The powers were given by Ninjor after they lost their old powers to Rito Revolto at the end of the second season.

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