[Comic Review] Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #115

Good Morning and Happy Holidays heroes! Today, we have our review for the last Mighty Morphin Power Rangers issue of the year. Yeah, this issue is out today, December 27, to close out 2023 before we head into 2024 and issue 116. Coincidentally, I cannot believe the end of the year is already here, but hey everyone, we did it. Thanks again to everyone who has come to read our comic book reviews this past year. Also, it has been a blast working with Boom! Studios, and get to continuing this working relationship. Furthermore, friendly reminder that our current review format features spoilers now, so please know to read with some discretion. Anyway, with that said, let us get ‘back to action’ as the review for issue 115 starts now!


Comic Credits

  • Artist: Simona Di Gianfelice
  • Colorist: Raúl Angulo with assistance by Jose Enrique Fernández
  • Lettering: Ed Dukeshire
  • Writer: Melissa Flores
  • Designer: Madison Goyette
  • Darkest Hour Logo Designer: Dylan Todd
  • Assistant Editor: Kenzie Rzonca
  • Editor: Allyson Gronowitz
  • Cover Artist: Taurin Clarke
  • Hasbro Special Thanks to Irvin Ducournau, Tayla Reo, Michael Kelly & Ed Lane


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers issue 115 coverReview

Our issue begins on Safehaven, where we are checking in with none other than Tommy. Here, Tommy is having a heated conversation with Mistress Vile, regarding control and abuse. Especially, since Mistress Vile’s is devious dialogue is just an attempt to break Tommy. Like any reader can easily see that Rita is once again trying to manipulate Tommy into an emissary of evil. Yet, while that may have worked in past, Tommy has since developed beyond her words. For example, when Tommy became the Green Ranger, he did not know who he was, and wanted a family. However, the Tommy of today, has gone through a lot and has learned who he is at his core. So, to see Tommy simply call out Mistress Vile for being an abuser within an ongoing cycle is great. Specifically, Tommy states, “There is no serving an abuser and I think you know that because abuse is a cycle and I’ve seen how he treats you.” 


Now, what is incredible though, is how Tommy is not wrong especially when progressing further into the issue. Because without get too far ahead, Dark Specter treats Mistress Vile and the Death Ranger as if they are nothing. So, I cannot wait to see how either of these characters manage to survive this seemingly unstoppable tyrant. Currently, I assume there will at least be some point where Rita must turn on Dark Specter. However, when that moment happens it will most likely be towards the last few issues within this event. Anyway, our story then proceeds to Promethea where Matt attempts to explain how the Rangers can access Safehaven safely. Although, Matt succumbs to an anxiety attack, so Aiesha works to calm him down. Here readers, learn that Boom!’s Aiesha used to suffer from anxiety, and saw therapists to help her. Surprisingly, this is another nice addition towards making the Stone Canyon trio (Rocky, Adam, and Aiesha) feel more fleshed out. Like the television series, viewers barely got to see or hear about their past, except in some instances. Although, Adam probably had the most development within the three due to the character’s onscreen longevity. So, I will always appreciate how the comics are able to do a lot more with these characters. Heck, everyone in the comics receive more develop, as they are given flaws to grow out of, but I digress.


Whereas, while the Rangers‘ plan is somewhat derailed, we then transition to the Moon where our newest Power Ranger resides. For those unaware, that Ranger is none other than Lord Zedd who broke out of Promethea issues ago. Coincidentally, Zordon has sent a messenger probe to Lord Zedd, looking to ask for his help in attack Safehaven. However, I do not think anyone can blame Zordon’s decision, as desperate times call for desperate measures. Also, during this conversation there are some incredible panels featuring the updated Serpentera just standing over the moon palace. Although, my favorite panel is the second one on page 10, where it is merely a silhouette covered in shadow. So, shout to the wonderful art team on this book, as it goes understated that they are amazing. Like I could not envision the Darkest Hour if it was not for their combined efforts on this event. Anyway, back on Safehaven, Finster and Dayne discuss about what happens next for them when regarding Dark Specter’s plan. Coincidentally, I was not expecting this question, especially from Dayne the mercenary, but at least this gives him more dialog. In addition, they discuss what Dark Specter is doing, plus why and how he is targeting the Power Rangers. Surprisingly, Dayne does not like that Dark Specter is making Rangers subservient through power, as he prefers destroying people’s will. As a result, Dayne is not acquiring the trill of the hunt, so he wants to leave Dark Specter’s forces. So, this part falls in line with Dayne’s character, and what readers have seen of him since Necessary Evil.


However, following this discussion, the Rangers finally bring the fight to Safehaven. Unfortunately, things do not go as planned, as Lord Zedd launches the attack prematurely alongside the HyperForce Rangers. Whereas, to say what went wrong is a little difficult to explain, besides the fact they are outnumbered by Ranger Thralls. Also, Drakkon seemingly has his own agenda again and sneaked off during the battle, but is unknowingly being followed. As a result, some Rangers appear to have been captured, while Lord Zedd and the HyperForce team may have escaped.  So, at this moment, I am left wondering once again where this arc is actually going with defeat after defeat. Although, I am interested in seeing how things will turn out, and what the solution to Darkest Hour will be. Especially, since I want to know how everyone will deal with the fallout, and what it ultimately sets up next. Whereas, I suspect Mistress Vile, Drakkon, the HyperForce Rangers, Billy, Zordon, and Zedd will be our main cast going forward. Yet, this cliffhanger of an issue implies many things, so I cannot say everything is for certain. Nevertheless, readers please let us know what you thought of this issue down below, and have a Morphenomenal Holiday!


Final Score: 4 Power Coins out of 5







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