[Comic Review] Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #118 *SPOILER WARNING*

Happy Wednesday, Heroes, we got the next installment in Boom! Studios’ Power Rangers event The Darkest Hour! So, that means we are going to review it before issue 118, hits shelves later today. Currently, our heroes are in a desperate situation where things can either improve, or worsen at this given point. Yet, hopefully that White Tiger Power Coin proves to turn the tides in some possible way. Anyway, before we actually dive into this issue, we have to thank Boom! Studios for providing us this review issue.


Comic Credits

  • Artist: Simona Di Gianfelice & Marco Renna
  • Colorist: Raúl Angulo & Jose Enrique Fernández
  • Lettering: Ed Dukeshire
  • Writer: Melissa Flores
  • Designer: Madison Goyette
  • Darkest Hour Logo Designer: Dylan Todd
  • Assistant Editor: Kenzie Rzonca
  • Editor: Allyson Gronowitz
  • Cover Artist: Taurin Clarke
  • Hasbro Special Thanks to Linda Lee, Tayla Reo, Michael Kelly & Ed Lane


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 118 cover featuring Billy and Ranger SlayerReview

So, issue 118 kicks things off on the moon at the Bandora Palace, where Lord Zedd meets with the Trini’s. Here, Coinless Trini is explaining their plans for moving forward, as Zedd wipes out Thralls from the balcony. Although, Zedd does not appear to have faith in Billy or Dr. Morgan, who are attempting to find their solution. Yet, for how serious this moment is, Zack is comedically shown ordering the Putty Patrol about to ensure their safety. Like the Putties’ facial expressions is what got me, as they look rather clueless. Specifically, they give off the vibe of “I cannot believe we are listening to him.”


Anyway, the Trini’s begin discussing the battle, itself, and Coinless Trini tells Prime Trini to talk with Zack. Especially, since they are unsure what can happen, Trini and Zack should sort their feelings for one another. Now, during their conversation I really began to notice the subtle artistic changes between the two Trini’s. Like Coinless Trini has a fuller face to indicate age, and Prime Trini is slimmer because she is a teenager. So, shoutouts to Simona Di Gianfelice and Marco Renna, as their art is phenomenal here and throughout the issue. Like I cannot praise them enough for making all the moments from small to large standout.


Afterwards we transition to the Power Chamber where Ranger Slayer attempts to debrief everyone on her escapades. However, the Phantom Ranger is weary to trust Ranger Slayer seeing that she was corrupted during their previous encounter. As a result, they almost come to blows with one another, as they recount other events. Thankfully, this is what I enjoy about Melissa Flores writing, as she refers back to previous events. In addition, while referring to past events, Melissa is able to keep readers aware of how dire the stakes are. Furthermore, Melissa makes sure characters feel realistic amid the chaos, as they voice their opinions on plans or each other. Yet, with that said, things escalate further as Alpha 5 announces that Mistress Vile and Tommy are on the moon.


So, we immediately return to the moon to see Mistress Vile and Tommy combating the various Thralls pursuing them. Interestingly, seeing them work together reminded me how this was once their dynamic in a way, specifically for the Coinless. Although, at this given time, Tommy is a force of good, while Mistress Vile is a morally grey character. At least, in this current state I would argue that the character should be considered morally grey given their actions. Also, I believe Power Rangers needs more morally grey characters if the brand seeks to retain an older audience. Anyway, with their appearance, Dark Specter is even actively pursuing them, and it is exciting see him battle Mistress Vile. Whereas, Tommy is forced to fight Thrall Rocky and Adam, who attempt to use mind games against him. Specifically, they remind Tommy that “he never taught them anything, but how to fail.” Surprisingly, that line does strike a chord with Tommy, but he makes an attempt to laugh it off.


However, before the action on the moon wraps up, we get a brief scene at the Promethea Training Facility. Here, Bulk and Skull are training under Jason’s supervision, and I am loving how they are becoming a unit. Like this grouping was not something I would expect due to the show, but the comics make their friendship work. Especially, when Jason gives them advice on what it truly means to be a Power Ranger. Specifically, Jason tells them that at its core it is the spirit of the person underneath the suit. So, it shows that having heart can most likely overcome not having the right physical abilities for the job. Also, morphing could be compared to Captain America’s Super Soldier Serum, as it enhances what someone already has within them. As a result, I think this focus on Bulk and Skull might foreshadow they might become Rangers in the future.


Then the book shifts back to the moon battle, where we come to its climatic end. Surprisingly, Ranger Slayer joins the battle to support Tommy, as Drakkon’s White Tiger Power Coin protects her. Meanwhile, Dark Specter closes in for the kill on Mistress Vile, knocking her headdress off and to the ground. However, to everyone’s surprise Lord Zedd enters the battle to rescue Rita before retreating back into the palace. Whereas, Dark Specter attempts to breakthrough the temporary Morphing Grid, but it easily repels him back. As a result, it shows that the Power Eggs’ Morphing Grid is strong and toxic enough to halt Dark Specter. So, it makes me wonder how this might play into the Rangers finding the solution to defeat him.


Finally, issue 118 begins to wind down, as Billy tends to Tommy in the Power Chamber’s medical bay. Coincidentally, the pair are going through survivors’ guilt, and their own personal traumas due to the Darkest Hour. Specifically, Tommy believes he let everyone down because of his absence, and Billy reflects how time feels dragged out. However, Kimberly burst into the room to reunite with Tommy, and the two immediately kiss one another. Now, this is a great moment, as signs of affection like kissing is rare within Power Rangers. Like I recall it occurring once in the prologue to Shattered Grid, but nothing has happened since then. Also, I love the coloring for the scene, as it highlights their Ranger colors and invokes feelings of love. Meanwhile, Lord Zedd and Rita have their own moment together to reflect on their chaotic relationship. Whereas, Trini begins to sort out her feelings for Zack, as they hang with Jason at the Juice Bar.


Overall, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #118 ends on seemingly a happy note with romance throughout the air. However, the threat of Dark Specter is still looming heavily over the Rangers heads with no end in sight. Yet, most of the Rangers seemingly appear to becoming more confident that they can overcome Dark Specter. Although, some like Billy seem to be cracking under the pressure, as his demeanor seems to be changing. Also, I have a feeling thing are only going to become more chaotic, as Kiya is up to something again. So, I cannot wait to see what that crazy “elf-alien” does in next month’s issue. Nevertheless, I have been Ben Odinson, and I am out of here for now!


Final Score: 5 Power Coins out of 5





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