Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Issue 41

Comic Credits

  • Writer: Ryan Parrot
  • Illustrator: Daniele Di Nicuolo
  • Colors: Walter Baiamonte
  • Color Assistance: Katia Ranalli
  • Letters: Ed Dukeshire
  • Cover: Jamal Campbell
  • Editor: Dafna Pleban


Warning: This review contains spoilers for MMPR Issue 41 and Go Go Power Rangers Issue 21. Fans please read both issues before reading this review.


Kicking off this issue is Lord Zedd’s new muscle for hire, Dayne the Sirian, reviewing Zedd’s previous encounters with the Power Rangers. The scene easily reminds me of how professional football and basketball teams often study the tapes of the opposing team before their next game. However, this time it is specifically on the Power Rangers, something we occasionally see in the series, but Dayne’s commentary is intriguing! Dayne’s lines give off the sense that the maneuvers the Rangers use are ones he has come across before. This means either Zordon’s fighting tactics are universally known, or Dayne has worked with someone associated with him. Nevertheless, with Dayne assessing the Rangers this is shaping up to be an epic encounter; especially when the new Mighty Morphin team is trying to find their groove as a team!


We then transition to the Rangers, not the basic team, the new “Omega Rangers” team with Jason, Trini, and Zack finishing their call with Billy and Kimberly. From the conversation readers can clearly tell that our Switzerland trio are trying to hide they have become Ranger again. In addition, readers slowly get introduced to this new world that they currently reside on. Their current location is referred to as Safehaven, and they have a new friend/ teammate in the form of Kiya. Kiya is obviously an alien, but we do not know what she entirely is currently. Yet, it is nice to see new species being introduced in the overall lore. In addition, readers get the sense that our former “Mighty Morphin” Rangers were recruited to help this civilization get back on its feet. Furthermore, readers discover the Rangers have a new support bot called XI, and their mentor is the Blue Emissary. Now, this lines up with Go Go Power Rangers Issue 21, as at the end of the issue the Blue Emissary is seen approaching Jason; the encounter in Go Go 21 establishing the connection between the two books, and setting up current events.


Currently, XI and the Blue Emissary have called upon the Omega Ranger to investigate a nearby disturbance in the Zernox System. Jason, Zack, Trini and Kiya all morph into their Ranger forms and head off. Now, the Omega Ranger suits are amazing with their theme being elemental based: Trini is earth/ yellow, Zack is air/ black, Jason is fire/ red, and Kiya is water/ blue. Daniele Di Nicuolo knocks it out of the ballpark with these designs; throw in Walter Baiamonte and Katia Ranalli’s coloring, and the suits practically fly off the page! Also, I realize the theme is very Avatar-like, which makes me wonder if they are to add another Ranger would they control another element(s) or master all four? Whereas, Wheelz thinks instead of a fifth member the Boom! Studios creative team could go in the Dino Thunder Triassic Ranger route, where they fuse their powers into one Ranger as an upgrade! Nevertheless, these are interesting theories to ponder as our story progresses…

Anyways, our team of Rangers arrive on Zernox-2 where the disturbance is originating from. The cause of the disturbance is an attack by Garrison Vox, a towering brute who dresses like Tetsuo from Akira. Now, when I mean towering, Vox is nearly Incredible Hulk-like when compared to Kiya. Also, the choice of colors and background even further empathizes that Vox is a threat. We, the readers, learn that Vox is somehow connected to the Morphin Grid, introducing a new concept to fans. This new concept being that people and other entities can link themselves to the Morphin Grid without using a morpher, or becoming a Ranger. Thankfully, even with Vox immense power the Rangers beat him, but trap him within a container similar to Rita Repulsa’s dumpster.


The issue concludes with the Rangers being thanked by the citizens of Zernox-2, while Kiya goes to meet with the Blue Emissary. Kiya asks the Emissary whether Vox can be reformed, like he was able to do for her. However, the Emissary expresses that not everyone can be saved, and even in doing so it can continue to harm the Morphin Grid. Whereas, XI is shown to be storing Vox’s dumpster inside a hall of other captured villains that sought to cause another “Shattering.” Now, this leaves the issue making it seem like the Blue Emissary and XI are taking extreme measures to restore the universe without having to take the lives of their enemies. Also, the Emissary refers to these new Morphing Grid users as anomalies, so is their existence a mere ramification of the Shattered Grid event, or from every disturbance like it? In addition, the Emissary mentions the Shattered Grid event was caused by “the inaction of so many,” so does that mean there are other beings in the universe equal to the Power Rangers? Furthermore, are Jason, Zack, and Trini fully aware of what the Blue Emissary is actually doing?


Now, all these questions and more will obviously be answered throughout the course of the run. However, all the ramifications of the Shattered Grid event is going to make things interesting. The current pacing of Necessary Evil is good, and makes me wonder how it will connect to Lord Zedd and Dayne facing off the Mighty Morphin team. Dayne’s mission to defeat the Ranger could interestingly be the “B-Plot” for the arc, since Boom! Studios is focusing their marketing on the Omega team. As for the Omega Rangers, themselves, I personally love the direction that Boom! Studios are taking them in. I love seeing the Omega Rangers explore new planets as adventures, rescuers and heroes throughout the galaxy. Whereas, the television series is mostly grounded on Earth with humans as the main species, but occasional exceptions as seen in either Lost Galaxy or S.P.D. Hopefully if Hasbro adapts Uchu Sentai Kyuranger the television series can become a Star Trek-like series, as this storyline acts like. Also, this concept further supports the Blue Emissary’s speech before the team’s departure on how the Power Rangers at their core are meant to be guardians.


Overall, I enjoy the two stories being told in Necessary Evil! I hope the stories are different roads that eventually lead towards one true conclusion, where our two teams come together. I think it would be interesting to see most of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to come together; with the exclusion of Kat, as we are only in Season 2 of the original series. However, if Boom! Studios chooses to keep the teams apart I will not entire be upset either. Nevertheless, for fans interested in reading the issue who have not, they can buy their copy digital on Comixology. Anyways, until the next review I am Ben and I am out!


Final Grade: 5 out of 5 Power Coins

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