[Comic Review] Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Issue 44

Comic Credits

  • Writer: Ryan Parrot
  • Illustrator: Daniele Di Nicuolo
  • Colors: Walter Baiamonte
  • Color Assistance: Katia Ranalli
  • Letters: Ed Dukeshire
  • Cover: Jamal Campbell
  • Editor: Dafna Pleban


Warning: This review will contain spoilers for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers issue 44.


In the previous issue of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Dayne was about to open up the Thunder Megazord the hard way. Fast forward to the present issue and the team makes an attempt to separate the Zords, as Dayne continues to pierce the Thunder Megazord. However, as Dayne is about to hit the finishing blow the Omega Zords appear in Angel Grove. Now, this is the first appearance of these Zords in action, and they have a fascinating design, as these Zords are American-made and all-original. The Omega Zords have a very streamline and alien-like look this is not entirely “live-action TV friendly,” but that allows the comics to standout. From here, the Omega Rangers proceed to force Dayne to attempt a retreat, but do not allow him as they render him unconscious. Then the Omega Rangers contain Dayne and retreat back into space, where they stay orbiting the Earth.


What I like about this battle is that shows how Jason, Trini and Zack quickly adapted to their Omega Ranger roles, and defeat someone like Dayne. However, I would have liked to have seen the current MMPR team deal with Dayne, but this battle was to simply teach them that they are not ready yet. This intervention from the Omega Rangers will only further the insecurities of the current team, especially as they learn of the team’s origin. Now at the Command Center, Zordon explains that the Omega Ranger are an ancient faction that normally ‘operates in the most dangerous and remote area of space,’ and how the team has been ‘dormant for centuries.’ Essentially the Omega Rangers are a mere legend, and they are always considered to be an expert black op team. I honestly love this expansive lore that Boom! Studios continues to create, and really love how their second all-original Ranger team plays more into our on-going story.


Another thing I feel the need to talk about is the artwork by Daniele Di Nicuolo; he is very consistent when it comes to this series and I really appreciate it. I love how Daniele is able to bounce between drawing our two different Ranger teams due to the varying designs. Also, Walter and Katia’s coloring of this issue is splendid, especially in regards to the following scenes where Lord Zedd is furious with the current situation. In the panel where Zedd is furious, the background is red and he is colored in, but everyone else is a mere silhouette. It singles out Zedd for his own anger as well as how his minions should fear is wrath should they fail again. Then moving forward with the Rangers at the Youth Center, the colors that our comic team provides give the reader the sense it is late afternoon. In addition, the composition where our Rangers come to a divide is wonderful, as they are two panels meant to be one! However, the division is to feature how the original Rangers (Billy, Kimberly, Tommy) are having issues with the Stone Canyon Trio (Rocky, Adam, Aisha) who fear possibility of death. Overall, these scenes showcase how both sides, the Rangers and Lord Zedd, are dealing with all the recent events that have transpired in different ways. Yet, the book’s best artwork is still to come, so let’s return to the Omega Rangers!

Now, once the Omega Rangers began orbiting Earth, we learn Jason sought permission for some unknown and dangerous mission from the Emissary before the previous scenes. Thankfully that mission is revealed in our final pages, and it is to raid the Bandora Palace! This is something I actually did not expect at all, but I should have seen coming with how Jason was angered by their intervention to save their friends. Yet, the anger shown by Jason is obviously a culmination of leaving the team to Tommy, his friends’ overall safety, and the preservation of the timeline. So, this motivates Jason to take things into the extreme, and makes him want to do what needs to be done. However, seeing this raid occur and coming to Lord Zedd face-to-face in battle with Jason makes me rethink theories regarding the title of “Necessary Evil!” Originally, we at Hero Club thought the name could be referring to Blue Emissary being a possible villain, but I am now leaning towards Zedd’s actual existence in the timeline. In addition, I think the title is apart of the possible theme of “how far is too far?” since this current storyline addresses killing and morality a lot. So, I really want to see where these questions and theories will lead in the coming issues.


Overall, Ryan and the rest of the comic team continue to be fantastic with each issue every month. As stated earlier and to reiterate, the artwork and colors are beautiful; especially when it is to convey emotions, emphasize the incredible action, or tones to indicate a time and location. The raid on the Bandora Palace is a fine example of these wonderful illustration choices for sure, as there are various layers in that battle which rages on into issue 45. Now, I cannot be happier reading this series, as we are approaching our 50th issue! I am sure that Issue 50 will an issue for the history books since not too many titles reach this milestone, so hats off to the creative team. Furthermore, I have good feeling that this arc will come to ahead then, but we will have to wait and see if I am right! So, readers please stay tuned for our reviews for both issue 45 and 46 coming soon… Also, readers welcome to the Happy New Year!


Final Grade: 5 out of 5 Power Coins

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