[Comic Review] Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Issue 45

Comic Credits

  • Writer: Ryan Parrot
  • Illustrator: Daniele Di Nicuolo
  • Colors: Walter Baiamonte
  • Color Assistance: Katia Ranalli
  • Letters: Ed Dukeshire
  • Cover: Jamal Campbell
  • Editor: Dafna Pleban


Warning: This review will contain spoilers for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers issue 45.


Kicking off this issue is the continuation and conclusion of the Omega Rangers’ raid on the moon. We begin following Kiya during the assault, which I love the framing and use of blue by Daniele Di Nicuolo and Walter Baiamonte. From there we move to Zack confronting Goldar, where Goldar mentions how the fight with Omega Black seems familiar. Zack goes to the extent to mention how Goldar always retreats which should have given him some clues as to who he was fighting. In addition, Trini fights unfinished monsters from Finster, as he makes his escape. This all leads to our big confrontation between Lord Zedd and Jason the Omega Red Ranger! Now, I love how Lord Zedd comes off as competent and someone who feels unstoppable. Zedd even mentions that the Omega Rangers are stronger than the average Rangers he normally faces, but they are still not his equals. Thankfully, Jason knows this too, so he calls in the rest of the Rangers to assist him, so they will able to defeat him.

The battle escalates when Lord Zedd begins to reveal his full potential, but Jason upstages him by summoning his Zord to knockout Zedd; even the other Omega Rangers believe Jason’s counterattack seems excessive. With the battle of the moon coming to an end the Omega Rangers contain Lord Zedd, and examine the remains of the Bandora Palace. While the Omega Rangers prepare to leave the scene the MMPR team arrive to observe the situation, and our two teams finally meet! Kiya immediately mistakes Tommy for Lord Drakkon and makes an attempt on his life, but she is restrained. Kiya’s outburst really goes to show the impact that the character and his arc had on the Boom! Studios’ Power Ranger universe. Also, this outburst will tie into the finale of this issue, but we will talk about that later. Jason then orders Kiya and the others to leave with Zedd’s container, and tells the Rangers to take him to Zordon since the MMPR team is concerned by the Omega Rangers’ actions.


Jason returns with the MMPR Rangers to the Command Center, there he has a one-on-one discussion with Zordon. Their conversation is interesting but it is as expected, as it regards one of the theories for Necessary Evil. Now, as mentioned in the previous review, the title of this arc has several meanings within this story. Currently, the term of Necessary Evil applies to Lord Zedd’s existence, since Zordon worries that a stronger threat will replace him. In addition, Zordon sees Zedd as a learning experience for his team of Rangers to grow from. Zordon’s entire ideology reminds me of Scott Synder’s explanation for why Batman would not kill the Joker, and it is because Gotham would create something worse for him. Having that reasoning in mind easily made me agree with Zordon in this debate, which is something I do not always agree with. Yet, with everything said and done, Zordon thanks the Omega Rangers for their help, whether it is warranted or not.

Then as Jason prepares to leave for space, Tommy stops him to apologize for Zordon’s anger and for advice. Here we get to the root of Tommy’s troubles, which is he is afraid and doubts his abilities to be a leader. Now, when this arc began Tommy tried to tell himself he did not need Jason, Zack or Trini, and that the team would be fine. Currently, Tommy realizes he might have been wrong, and the appearance of the Omega Rangers further shatters his confidence. Jason tries to encourage Tommy that he can handle it, but Jason’s own self doubt is beginning to affect him too. The interactions with Zordon and Tommy carry over to Jason’s return to Safehaven, as he questions if what he has done in past day has the been right decision. It is really solid writing and great development for both Rangers. Yet, what helps these scenes is the fact neither team de-morphs the entire time, and their identities all remain a secret. Without knowing who is under the helmet, one team Rangers keeps the other the shadows and the other team wants to be let in. So, there is room for our characters to try to be more open than usual, and be as blunt as they choose. However, this with either help our Rangers grow, or hurt their friendship once the revelation of ‘who the Omega Rangers are’ is revealed in a future issue.


Before we reach our final scenes, we find out what has happened to Finster, Squatt, and Baboo! They have seemingly taken refugee in a shack somewhere outside of Angel Grove. It is a brief scene where we see how close these characters are, how they feel utterly defeated, and unsure on what to do. It is scene we never got to see in the television series, as Rita nor Zedd were ever defeated in a landslide with their forces left leaderless. It is fascinating to watch these three contemplate, surrendering to Zordon and working for him. However, this discussion is brought to an end when Goldar appears, having returned with Lord Zedd’s broken staff to rally the trio. The event is something I did not entire expect, but I had a feeling it would occur since the staff was mentioned missing by the Omega Rangers earlier on. Nevertheless, it is nice to see these secondary villains coming together to rebound from their most recent defeat. Also, this will begin to payoff in our next issue, so stay tuned for our review of Issue 46.

Then we finally return to the Omega Rangers who are back on Safehaven. Jason, Trini and Zack place Lord Zedd into the vault, as Jason continues to stress over everything that has occurred. Whereas, Kiya meets with the Blue Emissary to discuss her concerns regarding the prime-universe Tommy becoming Lord Drakkon. Here we, the readers, learn that it was the Blue Emissary that actually presented Tommy with the ‘White Light!’ However, this revelation immediately shocks Kiya, which leads to her betraying the Blue Emissary and striking him down. Yet, with Kiya betrayal of the Blue Emissary it leads to another revelation which is Kiya was the shadow of evil Jason foresaw in his vision (Go Go Power Rangers Issue 23). Kiya then proceeds to free Garrison Vox as well as Cavotus, to form her own group called “The Anointed;” with their goal being “no more rangers.” With these three teaming up, I feel as though the Omega Rangers will truly have their hands full in the coming issues.


Overall, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 45 is a major issue within this arc that all fans of the series need to read. I seriously love this arc and I am truly looking forward to see how it will all end. I did not see some of the twist-and-turns coming, but I seriously appreciate them. I got to agree with Wheelz, that the fan theories and the story’s structure were great to frame Blue Emissary as a red herring for the arc’s possible main villain. However, for our villain to be Kiya is great too, since she has real motives to be paranoid and fear not just Tommy, but the Power Rangers too. This will honestly lead to an awesome finale since I have a feeling the Power Rangers will have to form a truce with Lord Zedd to defeat “The Anointed.” However, I doubt Boom! Studios will not want to repeat a Shattered Grid plot thread, but this is why I love this series/ arc because I cannot tell where it will go! We are in uncharted territory, we are not following the television series, and that has been evident since the beginning, so let us see where Boom! Studios will continue to go.


Final Grade: 5 out of 5 Power Coins

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