Mill Creek Entertainment Announces Ultraman R/B the Complete Series

Following the announcement of their broadcast deal with Shout! Factory, Mill Creek Entertainment revealed their next Ultra Series release, Ultraman R/B. Ultraman R/B is the 30th entry in the franchise, and it is the sixth installment in the New Generation Heroes saga. The series consists of 25-episodes and a feature length film, which ran from July 7 to December 22, 2018. Mill Creek Entertainment intends to release the complete series on Blu-Ray in Fall 2020. Currently, the release date for Ultraman R/B is scheduled for October 13, 2020 and priced at $49.99. Below is the official information and trailer on this release:


Ultraman R/B Synopsis:

Two brothers overcome their differences to defend Earth as a superhero team.

When two brothers with clashing personalities obtain incredible powers, they focus on overcoming their differences to defend Earth as a superhero team.

Families are always around us and hence they are likely to be taken for granted. This is a story of brothers, revolving around the main theme of “Bond” and “Love”. One day, the brothers encounter a monster and almost lose their lives in the mountain. Then, two transformation items appear there suddenly, and the brothers will throw themselves into the battle world as Ultraman…

Pre-Order Now:

The Complete Series: Mill Creek Entertainment

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