Mister Sinister To Appear in Wolverine 3

Bryan Singer has recently confirmed the next villain that will appear in the X-Men film universe.   Unlike previous post credit scenes, the final scene after X-Men Apocalypse didn’t hint at the main villain for the following film, but instead hinted insight to future events specifically.   However, more details were revealed in the home release for the film.  In a commentary by Bryan Singer where he explains about the post credit scene of X-Men Apocalypse he later confirmed that Mister Sinister will be appearing in Wolverine 3. Although the character has yet to be cast it is pretty awesome that he has been confirmed for the next X-Men film.  Wolverine 3 opens will premiere in U.S. theaters on March 3, 2017.

Source: Screen Rant, Cinemablend


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7 years ago

Mr. Sinister is awesome! I’m not sure how he will fit in the gritty X-men films tho.