Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger episode 29 Review – Super Sentai's 2000th Episode

A Legacy of Power, 40 teams of Heroes that span the ages. 2000 half hours ago it all started in 1975, and 41 years on these teams still fight…


Our story picks up with Yamato and Marvelous (as RedHawk) duking it out, with a quick change to Akaranger for Marvy. In the end both red warriors are demorphed as Yamato notices a wound on Marvelous’s hand. As the others are also still engaged. Misao finally makes the scene and gets bummed out that there is no one for him to fight, that is until Gokai Silver arrives. However Gai stops the teams to explain they do not need to fight.


After the opening the teams (sans Yamato and Marvelous) talk back at the Treehouse, explaining about the Super Sentai legacy. Cutting over to the Reds, Yamato bandages Marvy’s hand as he makes a point of how Marvelous could have run off with the Grand Champions’ Symbol after Bang Ray attacked, but instead he stayed and fought. This leads Yamato to believe that Marvelous isn’t such a bad guy. Marvelous denies that claim as Bang Ray pops up again, still after the Cube and the Whale it’s connected to.


The ensuing fight rages (triggering the Zyumen’s Alert sense, they and the Gokaigers rush to the battle leaving Navi behind) as Bang Ray pulls a quick Mind read of Marvelous, summoning Doukoku, Zed, Escape, Enter, Deboss and Barjira. The Final Bosses squad makes short work of Yamato and Marvelous, as the others arrive. An epic transformation scene ensues, capped off with the debut of the modern ZyuohWhale.


Epic Fight time! The Zyuohgers managed to take out Deboss with a quick Zyuoh Slash, followed by Awaking their Instincts and taking out Brajira (I guess Satan goes down quicker to Animals that he does Angels). The Gokaigers pull and an all red change with RedFlash, BoukenRed, RedRacer, MagiRed and (Female) ShinkenRed damaging Zed and Doukoku. They then pull another with VulEagle, GoseiRed, GingaRed, GekiRed and TyrannoRanger finishing them off.


Yamato and Marvy meanwhile are taking on Enter, Escape and Bang Ray. It turn out that the Whale Change Gun is a BFG as it’s powerful blast blows off part of the moon before ‘Overkilling’ Enter & Escape. Bang Ray isn’t done yet, mind scanning Gai and summoning Gokudos Gills, the Grand Emperor of Zangyak and the manifestation of all Evil Emperor’s will (also a recolor of the Ackdos Gills suit). Wild Tousai King, with the help of the Great Powers of Denziman and Liveman, strikes down Gokudos with a 40 Sentai power strike.


In the end, the Gokaigers return to space… leaving Navi behind on earth for 20 years until the 3000th episode.

My Thoughts:

The cilmax never ends folks, as this continued on from the action packed previous episode. The fan service factor was in high gear, which is Gokaiger’s defining attribute. I expected to see more villainous suits being used for the team up/final battle, and found it weird that it only went as far back as Shinkenger with Doukoku. It is as if Toei knew that aside from Gokaiger that most modern day international Sentai fans were drawn in by Shinkenger; I doubt that since they seemingly do not care for the international fans and only see as Power Ranger fan boys/girls… LOL! Overall, the 2000th episode was just a ride from start to finish, and a part of me is sad it had to end seemingly soon.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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