Monster Hunter May 2021 Digital Presentation Streamed

Recently Capcom presented a new Monster Hunter Digital Event, which featured new updates for Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin and Monster Hunter Rise.

First, the Monster Hunter team revealed a new trailer for Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin will release on July 9.

The team continued and revealed some new features for the game. The first feature they revealed was called the “Rage-Rays.” The “Rage-Rays” are glowing pits that emit light that causes nearby monsters to become more violent. The second feature is that Players will be able to go into dens and collect Eggs from dens similar to the first game. Players will then need to bring the Eggs back to town so that they can hatch them and gain new Monsties. The next feature they revealed is called The “Rite of Channeling.” The Rite of Channeling allows players to transfer special genes from one Monstie to another. Each gene is represented by various elements colors and also by they attack type. By aligning three genes by their pattern or element, the Monstie will receive a “Bingo Bonus,” which will give them additional strength. The various genes will also allow monsters to gain abilities they wouldn’t naturally have on their own.

Next, the team revealed a new trailer for Monster Hunter: Rise. The 3.0 update for the game will be available on May 27.

The update includes:

Added Story Elements:

  • New Monsters will appear in Hub quests
  • New Monsters will appear in the Rampage
  • New quests will be available
  • New boss battle arena will be available
  • New weapon trees, armor, layered armor, and items will be available
  • New skills and Rampage Skills will be available
  • You can use materials to change the appearance of Rampage Weapons

Added System Elements:

  • New Guild Card medals will be available

Major Adjustments

  • Some bugs have been fixed

Continuing on, the team took a look at some more upcoming DLC for the game.

The DLC includes:

Hunter Voices

  • Iori
  • Yomogi

Pose Sets

  • Hide Pose Set
  • Using the Wall Pose Set


  • Special Stickers 2


  • Noble Short
  • Delicate Beauty

Face Paints

  • Cheek Tusk
  • Stitches


  • Monster Hunter Series Bases
  • Monster Music: Dance Version

Hunter Layered Armor

  • Felyne Ears
  • Felyne Tail
  • Canyne Mask
  • Canyne Tail

Palumute Layered Armor

  • Felyne Mask

Palico Layered Armor

  • Canyne Mask

Cohoot Outfits

  • Out on the Hunt
  • Li’l Wingdrake

Lastly, the team took a look at the roadmap for the upcoming updates to Monster Hunter: Rise.

The updates include:

Mid – June

  • Capcom Collab 1
  • Tsukino Costume Palico Layered Armor Quest

Ver 3.1 End of June

  • DLC
  • Event Quests

Ver 3.2 End of July

  • Capcom Colab 2
  • DLC
  • Event Quests

Ver 3.3 End of Aug

  • Capcom Colab 3
  • DLC
  • Event Quests


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