My Hero Academia: Two Heroes English Dub Trailer Streamed

Funimation recently updated their official Youtube channel with an English Dub clip for My Hero Academia Two Heroes. 

As reported earlier, Funimation and TOHO hosted the worldwide debut of the film at Anime Expo ppm July 5 and the film later premiered in Japan on August 3.

Funimation will distribute the film to over 400 theaters within the United States and Canada on the following dates.

  • September 25-27 
  • September 29, October 2

Screenings on September 25, 27 and the 29 will feature the original Japanese audio with English Subtitles. The screenings on September 26 and October 2 will feature the English Dub. Tickets for the film will open on August 24.

Source: Funimation, ANN


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