Naruto: Slugfest 3D MMORPG Mobile Game Announced

Today, the mobile game company, Mars Games announced it will be publishing a 3D MMORPG base on Masashi Kishimoto’s manga, Naruto. Titled, Naruto: Slugfest, will launch on Android and iOS in Spring, and be available in North America, South America, and Europe. Fans can pre-register now through the App Store or Google Play, and it the game will download automatically. In addition, there is a gift pack available if players register through the official Naruto: Slugfest website. Below is the official trailer for the game:

Official Game Synopsis:

Naruto: Slugfest lets players step into Naruto’s anime world, brought to life in a rich 3D open world rendering that encourages players to explore in every nook and cranny as well as experiencing animated in-game cutscenes with the original voice actors. As Naruto returns home to the Hidden Leaf Village after training with Jiraiya, he is ready for action, allowing players to immerse themselves in the journey of Naruto fighting alongside his friends as they travel through the Shippuden Arcs. The story can be enjoyed with others using the game’s Running Commentary function to leave comments and reactions for other players.

Now, gameplay will feature players being able to choose up to four character classes to play through their joureny as a Hidden Leaf Shinobi. The classes include the broadsword-wielding Earth Keeper, the medial pyromancer Blazing Lotus, quick attacking Thunder Assassin, and the agile ranged ninja, Wind Shooter. Yet, no matter the class chosen, players can master several ninjutsu abilities through defeating enemies and completing the various missions. Skill tress and gear upgrade progression can be advanced through daily logins, and the Partner/ Recruitment System. In addition, players can collect series characters as powerful allies, to assist them on missions.

Nevertheless, this is an all-new mobile game that anime fans might enjoy even if they do not like Naruto. Whereas, longtime fans are expected to latch onto this game, due to its grab-and-go style. So, pre-register now to not mission on possible in-game bonuses!

Source: Crunchyroll

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