[Official Images] Complete Selection Modification Garren Buckle, Rouse Absorber & Garren Rouzer

Premium Bandai has updated with an official pre-order page for the Complete Selection Modification Garren Buckle, Rouze Absorber & Garren Rouzer. For those who are not aware, the three devices are the primary transformation devices/ arsenal for Kamen Rider Garren. Yet, in episode 30 of Kamen Rider Blade, Sakuya Tachibana aka Kamen Rider Garren used the power of the Rouze Absorber and the Queen Card in order to become Jack Form. The Complete Selection Modification Garren Rouzer will include a longer blade attachment to the device, as compared to the original DX release being roughly 63mm (Approximately 24.8 Inches).

The set will include:

  • 31 Rouze Cards
  • Garren Buckle
  • Garren Rouzer
  • Garren Jack Form Plate
  • Blade Attachment
  • Rouze Holster 
  • Projector

Now, the Complete Selection Modification Garren Buckle will feature the usual transformation sound when people clip on the belt band and pull the lever similar to its DX release. However, this version of the device will be able to connect to the included projector via wireless control, which was not possible with the original DX release. Also, the Complete Selection Modification Garren Buckle will feature a dialogue button, as the device will feature more than 170 phrases by Hironari Amano (Tachibana Sakuya/ Kamen Rider Garren). In addition, the item will include nine BGM soundtracks. The BGMS include:

  1. Awakening
  2. Rebirth
  3. Receiving Everything
  4. Prayer 
  5. Roadside Flower
  6. Climax VII
  7. BOARD Alarm   
  8. Distrust
  9. Round Zero~Blade Brave

Then the Complete Selection Modification Garren Rouzer, will feature a new sound effect button, which will activate various sounds such as “a card throwing sword sound,” as well as an “Undead sealing sound.” Additionally, the device will include a dialogue mode that will features various phrases by Hironari Amano (Tachibana Sakuya/ Kamen Rider Garren). Now, similar to the DX release the device will be able to scan the various cards included in the set, as well as being able to scan cards included with Complete Selection Modificiation Blay Buckle, Rouze Absorber & Blay Rouzer set. The Rouze Absorber included in this set will work identically to the Rouze Absorber included with the previously released set. Please, keep in mind though that the cards included with either set may or may not function with the original DX releases.

The full set of cards include:

  • Change Stag
  • Bullet Armadillo
  • Upper Frog
  • Rapid Pecker
  • Drop Whale
  • Firefly
  • Rock Tortoise
  • Scope Bat
  • Gemini Zebra
  • Thief Chameleon
  • Fusion Peacock
  • Absorb Serpent
  • Evolution Giraffa
  • Blank Cards X 18

Pre-orders for the set will open on March 3 in Japan, and will close on April 20. Whereas, the set will be released this June, and it is currently priced at 48,400 yen. For those who are interested in securing their order on this set now, can contact their preferred middleman for more details. However, for those who want to order their set in North America should expect Bluefin Brands and Team Rider to open up pre-orders soon. Hopefully, Bluefin’s pre-orders will include the other sale options for just the standalone Garren Buckle release, or the Garren Buckle & Garren Rouzer set too.


Source: Premium Bandai



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