[Official Images] Complete Selection Modification Henshin Belt Typhoon 50th Anniversary Set

Today, Premium Bandai officially revealed the information regarding the upcoming Complete Selection Modification Henshin Belt Typhoon release. Titled, CSM Henshin Belt Typhoon Kamen Rider 50th Anniversary Set, this release is an adult collectors’ recreation of the original prop. Now, this set is expansive from the belt’s accessories, display features and additional apparel.


The CSM Henshin Belt Typhoon is customizable to be displayed as either Kamen Rider 1 or Kamen Rider 2. Also, the commemorative Display Daiza included will have exchangeable panels to represent either Kamen Rider when not in use. In addition, Bandai emphasizes that this release of the Henshin Belt Typhoon uses actual cow leather in the strap. Whereas, the sounds for the belt will include newly recorded dialog from both actors, Hiroshi Fujioka and Takeshi Sasaki. The newly record dialog will include lines like, “Rider, Henshin!”, “Rider Punch!”, and the iconic “Rider Kick!” Furthermore, the apparel within the set consists of the Crimson Muffler, and the Kamen Rider Corps medallion. Nevertheless, below is the official gallery, the set’s contents, and BGMs featured within the belt:

The set will include:

  • The Typhoon
  • Decorative Parts (16)
  • Commemorative Daiza
  • Daiza Optional Parts (2)
  • Crimson Muffler
  • Kamen Rider Corps Medallion
  • Instruction manual


The BGM tracks included:

  1. Let’s Go! Rider Kick
  2. Kamen Rider Song
  3. Rider Action
  4. Lonely Kamen Rider
  5. Cyborg Human Theme
  6. Kamen Rider Arrives
  7. Rider Fight
  8. Ending


Pre-orders for CSM Henshin Belt Typhoon Kamen Rider 50th Anniversary Set are currently available at Premium Bandai. Orders for this set will remain open until September 28, or once all inventory is claimed. Whereas, orders for this set are priced at 55,000 yen, and their release is scheduled for January 2022. Those who are interested in purchasing this set, they should contact their preferred middleman service for more details. However, for North America fans, Bluefin/ Team Rider should be announcing its distribution details soon.


Source: Premium Bandai 

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