[Official Images] Complete Selection Modification OOO Driver Complete Set ver. 10th

Recently, Premium Bandai has unveiled its entire line-up for the Complete Selection Modification Kamen Rider OOO 10th Anniversary releases. While commemorating the series’ 10th anniversary, these update versions coincide with the upcoming reunion film, CORE Medal Resurrection. Now, these releases are either for those who missed out on the original releases, or just want the new upgrades. Overall there are four options to choose, so let’s help breakdown what each release consists of…


Complete Selection Modification OOO Driver Complete Set ver. 10th

First off, the CSM OOO Driver Complete Set ver. 10th contains everything featured in the previous release, and the upcoming film. Thankfully, this means that the reissue will also include the Kamen Rider Poseidon transformation belt, the Poseidon Driver. Whereas, the newer additions will include an updated OOO Scanner, and the TaJaDol Eternity Core Medals. In addition, the new OOO Scanner will have two modes, Modern Day and Ancient OOO Mode. Furthermore, most of the BGMs included are repackaged from the original release. However, this amazing bundle will set fans back 59,950 Yen (roughly $600 USD), before shipping and handling fees.

Complete Selection Modification OOO Driver ver. 10th

Then the second option for fans to purchase is the CSM OOO Driver ver. 10th. This release will just consist of the Driver, new Scanner, and all Core Medals seen on tv or in the films. So, this version of the CSM OOO Driver is the bargain release for fans requiring the base essentials. Yet, this set will still cost 31,130 Yen (roughly $310 USD), even when trimming down the Complete Set’s contents.

Complete Selection Modification OOO Scanner ver. 10th

Now, for those who own the original CSM OOO Driver, they just need to buy the new CSM OOO Scanner. Titled the CSM OOO Scanner ver. 10th, this will feature both modes and include the TaJaDol Eternity Core Medals. However, this set will cost 12,980 Yen (roughly $130 USD), which is essentially a third of the CSM OOO Driver.

Complete Selection Modification Medal Set Lost Blaze

The final release apart of the Kamen Rider OOO 10th anniversary celebration is the CSM Medal Set Lost Blaze. This set consists of four new PuToTyra Core Medals to be used with the CSM TaJa Spinner. Now, when activated in the TaJa Spinner, the medals unlock the Lost Blaze attack from the Kamen Rider OOO finale. Thankfully, this is the cheapest product among the releases, being priced at 2,310 Yen (roughly $25 USD). So, this set should be the easiest for fans to pick-up when compared to the other 10th anniversary releases.

Pre-orders for all these products are currently available at Premium Bandai. Whereas, orders for these items will be released this September. However, the North American distribution through Bluefin Brands will be released at a later date. So, for those interested in purchasing any of these items early, they should contact their preferred middleman service now.

EDIT: Team Rider/ Bluefin Brands has confirmed that due to licensing issues they will not be carrying these products so those who interested should contact their preferred middleman as soon as possible. 

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