[Interview] Narō TV’s CEO Todd Silverstein & VP of Content Production Jordan Smith

Good morning Heroes, and happy Monday, as we are one day away from celebrating Halloween 2023! Now, today we have an interview that has been sitting in our backlog since last December. However, what delayed everything was scheduling, editing mishaps, and ‘corporate okays’ pertaining to what our guests could say. Unfortunately, during this time, the educational streaming Narō TV announced it would be closing its door by 2024. Yet, rather than cancelling the interview outright, our guests are allowing us to share what Narō TV was about. Especially, since the content produced for Narō TV is rumored to being shopped around to other streaming services for preservation.


So, our guests today are Todd Silverstein and Jordan Smith from Narō TV, a digital learning service about Japanese culture. For those unaware, the service was a platform blending together “Master Class-like” courses and documentaries on masters of Japanese professions. Whereas, we at Hero-Club befriended Jordan due to our mutual associate, director Takeshi Yagi being featured on Narō TV. As a result, we wanted to learn more about this service, and the featured masters who will teach these courses. Also, we could not help but to promote Yagi-san’s tokusatsu course, where he creates a new heroine called Akari. Interestingly, Akari is portrayed by Kanon Miyahara prior to her casting in the current Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider Gotchard. Anyway, without further ado, let us meet Todd and Jordan to discuss what Narō TV stood for!

Now, for those reading this before or after watching the video, it saddens us that Narō TV is ending. Surprisingly, our staff was interested in seeing more from brand, especially if more manga, anime, or tokusatsu would be featured. Also, some of us were looking to explore the other professions highlighted, like their culinary section. Whereas, as stated in the video, I personally wanted to see a course based on Japan’s take on pro-wrestling. However, that does not seem to be the case anymore, but we love what Narō TV attempted to do.


Then as for our guests, Todd Silverstein and Jordan Smith, we thank them again for giving us this opportunity. In addition, we hope that they might want to collaborate with us again to discuss future projects or Narō more. Furthermore, if anyone else on the Narō team wants to discuss their time on projects feel free to contact us. Especially, for those attached to Yagi-san’s or Mamoru Oshii’s courses, as we would love to share details with our audience. Although, it does not matter to us, as it is an open invitation to any Narō employee in general. Nevertheless, thanks again for visiting Hero-Club.com, and please make sure to follow us across social media using @HeroClub4Life!


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