[Official Images] Complete Selection Modification Rider Card Set -EXTRA-

On Monday, Premium Bandai announced the release details for the upcoming Complete Selection Modification Decadriver Ver. 2 & K-Touch Set. Also, alongside the set, Premium Bandai has announced a separate release for the Ride Booker and two Rider Card sets. The second set titled, Complete Selection Modification Rider Card Set -EXTRA- contains some cards from the Kamen Rider Diend releases. In addition, the set will include various other cards never released before for the CSM products. However, some of the cards were available within the original deluxe toyline via the Cardass vending machines. Furthermore, the set’s artwork is not finished, but its gallery shows it will include all Riders up to Decade. Whereas, it will even include Shadowmoon, as well as the movie characters like Kivala and G Den-O. Nevertheless, below is the pending gallery for this set as provided by Premium Bandai:

Pre-orders for the Complete Selection Modification Rider Card Set -EXTRA- are currently available through Premium Bandai. Whereas, orders for this set are priced at 7,290 yen, and they are scheduled to release in March 2022. For those who are interested in purchasing this set early, they should contact their preferred middleman now. However, international buyers should expect more details from Team Rider, as soon as it becomes available.


Source: Premium Bandai

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