Official Images: Denji Sentai Megaranger Super Sentai Artisan Degitaizer & Battleraizer

Today, Premium Bandai revealed that the next Super Sentai Artisan release is a set based on Denji Sentai Megaranger’s Degitaizer & Battleraizer (Digitizer & Battle Riser). Denji Sentai Megaranger is the 21st installment in the Super Sentai series which aired from February 14, 1997 to February 15, 1998. Denji Sentai Megaranger is better known in North America, as series adapted into Power Rangers In Space. However, the series was distributed on DVD by Shout! Factory last October. Below is the official gallery from Premium Bandai:

Now, the Super Sentai Artisan Degitaizer & Battleraizer -MEGAREAL EDITION- set features a variety of things. There is the actual braces, the sounds they contain, and a Cockpit base. Here is a translation on each of the items, sounds they contain, and additional features with the promotional video.


Degitaizer Details:

A new “speech recognition” feature is being installed to be operated with one’s voice. Both items will have “voice recognition systems;” when specific keywords are spoken the built-in microphone will identify them and activate corresponding sounds.


“Install!” – Transformation lock release

“Galaxy Mega!” – Galaxy Mega summoning sound

“Opening kakete!” – Opening theme plays

After 20 years, cast members reunite and record dialog to recreate scenes! There are over 70 lines of dialogue!

Kenta Date/ MegaRed (Hayato Oshiba): “Kept you waiting!”, “Complete! Galaxy Mega!”

Professor Eikichi Kubota (Satoru Saitou): “You have become the Megarangers!”

Yuusaku Hayakawa/ MegaSilver (Shigeru Kanai): “Hold up, Megarangers!”

There are 3 Modes:

  1. Daily Mode – Live the daily life of Kenta, and the other Megarangers before they transform. Being able to respond to basic communications, and use the speech recognition to transform. Shout “Install!” and press 3-3-5 to complete the transformation. The transformation sound includes three different variations to reproduce the sequence seen in the show.
  2. Hero Mode – Experience the life of a Megaranger after transforming. Various sounds can be activated via the speech recognition; shout “Cyber Slider!” or “Galaxy Mega!” to summon the might robot.
  3. Robo Mode: Chose Galaxy Mega or Mega Voyager! – This mode allows users to take control of the Megarangers’ two giant robos via the speech recognition function. Clash & Slash SFX respond to when saying “Mega Flying Cutter!”

Deitaizer will included the opening theme song, “Denji Sentai Megaranger,” and the ending theme, “Is it just my imagination?” In addition, to the cast’s dialogue the game mode from the original deluxe toy will be reproduced.


Battleraizer Details:

Control Delta Mega and achieve victory by using three techniques!

There are 2 Modes:

  1. Hero Mode – press “01,” “02,” or “03” to activate different attacks and sounds! In addition, “01” can be used with speech recognition to choose either the Riser Chop or Riser Punch attack.
  2. Delta Mega Mode – Pilot the Delta Mega; call out “Delta Mega!” to summon it, and shout “Gatling Blaster” to attack! Examples: Transformation SFX

Battleraizer includes the BGMs: “Input! Henshin Code 3-3-5!”, “Decide! Denji Gattai!”, “Delta Mega’s Wings of Friendship”


Additional Accessories:

  1. Cockpit Pedestal, recreates the port in Galaxy Mega’s cockpit to combine it with Delta Mega. Place the Battleraizer into the pedestal to activate “Super Galaxy Mega!” mode.
  2. Black Straps, an option straps to be used with Degitaizer and/ or Battleraizer.

Pre-orders for the Super Sentai Artisan Degitaizer & Battleraizer -MEGAREAL EDITION- set open tomorrow, July 13 at 11 am JST. However, orders are stated to close on September 10 at 11 pm JST. The price of this incredible set is 12,500 yen with the intent to be released this November. For those who are interested in purchasing this item they should contact their preferred online distributors, or contact a middleman proxy for inquiries.


Source: P-Bandai

Translations courtesy of Morgan Lamia 

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